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Sales Law in the Region of the Caucasus and Central Asia: between Divergence and Harmonization

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Organizers: Institute of East European Law of the University of Kiel, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

In cooperation with: Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Ural State Law Academy

Support: Volkswagen Foundation

Target group: legal researchers and practitioners, governmental officials, who deal with international and national regulation of international trade (private law aspects) in the region of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

Conference language: English and Russian with simultaneous translation.

Topics: The Conference will deal on a comparative basis with the sales law in the region of the Caucasus and Central Asia, with particular accent on regulation of international sales contracts. Sales law of all countries besides Georgia base on the CIS Model Civil Code. In the recent 20 years the sales laws of the countries of the region were amended many times. The reforms were strongly influenced by international legal frameworks and foreign, in particular German, legislation. But these reforms were not harmonized between each other. Today we have quite different legal framework for the sales law. As the result the countries of the region approaching step-by-step to the international trends, are drifting more and more from each other. The Conference is targeting to shed light to this interesting development and compare it to the developments in the EU, in particular to establishment of the Common European Sales law. Since the sales law is very broad we have to focus on several aspects. On the one side we will describe the structure of the Sales Law, its development and the role of international organizations and foreign technical aid organizations. We plan a round table in the framework of the Conference devoted to this issue with participation of international experts and representatives of international organizations. Another focus will be made on not individually negotiated terms, which are getting more and more important. All of the countries of the region have specific provisions on this instrument, but the details of regulation and especially its’ practical application are deviating strongly. Since we put a specific accent on international sales contracts a special panel will deal with the conflict of laws rules of the countries of the region applicable to the international sales contracts. Last but not least we will take a closer look on regulation of transport contracts and contracts on sales of hydrocarbons, which are very important for the countries of the region.

Speakers: The Conference will offer the opportunity for discussion with representatives from each of the three countries as well as with leading international experts including governmental officials, representatives of international organizations as well as renowned scholars and practitioners with extensive experience in the field of sales law. The list of the speakers with short bio will be available soon here.

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