Prof. Dr. Alexander Trunk


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Curriculum vitae

Prof. Dr. Alexander Trunk

Professor of Civil Law and East European Law at the University of Kiel, Director of the Institute of East European Law. Co-Chairman of the German-Russian Law Institute.
2008 – 2011 scientific coordinator of the multilateral research project “Foreign Invest¬ment Law in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia” (funded by the Volkswagen Foundati¬on). 2010 – 2012 Dean, since 2012 First Vice Dean of the Law Faculty of Kiel University. Since 2012 scientific coordinator of the multilateral research project “Law of Internatio¬nal Trade in the Region of Caucasus/Central Asia” (funded by the Volkswagen Foundati¬on). Numerous publications in comparative law, esp. Russian law, private international law, insolvency law.

Azar Aliyev, LL.M. (Heidelberg)


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Curriculum vitae

PhD thesis on „Concession contracts in Russia and Kazakhstan: framework for Public-Private-Partnership“ (pending) University of Kiel, Faculty of Law, Institute of East European Law

LL.M thesis on „Development of the German Audit Committee – in view of the new Directives and Recommendation of the EU, and the new German law. “University of Heidelberg, Faculty of Law

Guest scholar at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and at the Dickinson School of Law of the Penn State University

Legal praxis in Azerbaijan and Russian Federation

Magister of Law Baku State University Magister thesis on “The court of appeal as a new Institution of Azerbaijan Court system

Bachelor of Law Baku State University

Publications and presentations (selection)

Ministerial Round Table “Addressing the policy challenges for investment and enterprise development” in the framework of the UNCTAD XIII World Investment Forum, April 20-23 2012, Doha, Qatar

Schewe/Aliyev, The Customs Union And The Common Economic Space Of The Eurasian Economic Community (Eurasec): Eurasian Counterpart To The European Union Or Russian Market Domination In Eurasia?, 54 German Yearbook of International Law 2011, p. 565-609.

Trunk/Krupko/Aliyev, Legal aspects of investment contracts, Norma, Moscow 2012 (in Russian)

Trunk/Krupko/Aliyev, Relationship between foreign investment law and environmental law, Moscow 2012 (in Russian)

Der Staat als Vertragspartner – ein Paradigmenwechsel in Aserbaidschan, Kasachstan und Russland im Vergleich in Alexander Trunk, Azar Aliyev (Hrsg.) Kaspisches Meer als Wirtschaftsraum, 2010.

Neue Herausforderungen für das aserbaidschanische Auslandsinvestitionsgesetz, Kieler Ostrechts-Notizen 1-2 2008

Public-Private Partnership in municipalities: legal pre-conditions for attraction private actors to execution of public functions 23-25 November, Sankt-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Conference on Foreign Direct Investment: Trends and Policies and the capacity building workshop for the officials of the countries in transition on Workshop on key substantive issues relevant to the analysis and the negotiation of international investment agreements and the impact of recent dispute settlement cases, 21-23 September, Zagreb, Croatia.

Political and Law issues of subsoil use in Kazakhstan: guarantees of economical stability, 18-20 November 2010, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Dr. Marina Trunk-Fedorova, LL.M.

Koordinatorin Arbeitsbereich WTO – EurAsEC

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Curriculum vitae

Coordinator of the research area „WTO and EurAsEC law“ at KEEL – the Kiel Center of
Eurasian Economic Law (Kiel University) established within the framework of the research
project „Law of International Trade in the Region of the Caucasus and Central
Asia“ supported by the Volkswagen Foundation. Has regularly been teaching courses on
International Law and International Economic Law in different countries. Has a number
of publications on international economic law with a particular focus on WTO dispute
Graduated from St. Petersburg State University School of Law, holds an LL.M. degree
from the University of Connecticut School of Law and a Ph.D. degree from St. Petersburg
State University School of Law.

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Anastasia Boyko

Studentische Hilfskraft

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Curriculum Vitae



Education, employment

- Since 2009 Law Studies at the University of Kiel

- Since April 2009 Student assistant at the Institute of East European Law at the University of Kiel

- August 2011 – June 2012 Law Studies at the Universitat de Barcelona

-  Since September 2012  Student assistant for the KEEL project “Law of international trade in the region of Caucasus and Central Asia”

Other activities:

- Preparation of the fourth Summer School on German Law:

- Preparation of a workshop of the German-Russian Law Institute (DRJI) for russian notaries:

- Fellowship at the UNCTAD (Geneva) on International Investment Agreements

Language skills

- Russian

- English

- Spanish

- French

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