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Socio-environmental dynamics over the last 12,000 years: the creation of landscapes



  • Session 6: Perception, mental construction and conceptualisation of landscapes

Session chair:

L. Käppel, J. Wiesehöfer, B. Simon, B. Schulz-Paulsen, C. Nübel


Session scope:

In social and historical as well as in literary studies landscape is basically regarded as a conceptualization of 'environment' as the physical 'reality' underlying it. If this is correct it would be interesting to pursue questions concerning the relation between landscape and society. Which elements affect the human concepts of his vicinity? Which patterns to describe nature and landscapes are used by certain societies from ancient times to the present? Another question could be the importance of self-localisation of the individual in certain landscapes or spaces in the frame of its self-perception and cognition. Contributors are invited to scrutinise the assumption that it is possible to infer from perceptions of landscape and space to socio-cultural circumstances (and vice versa). Examples from both pre-historical and historical periods to modern times are highly welcome.


Session programme:

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Abstracts for session 6:

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