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Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes

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Doctoral students


Aewerdieck, Björn (Germany, 1978)

Staatsexamen in History and German

PhD project: Signs in the sky. Interpretation and mastering of a spectacular sky phenomenon from Antiquity up to Early Modern Times.

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Balatti, Silvia  

Balatti, Silvia (Italy, 1984)

M. A. in Ancient History and Orientalistic Studies

PhD Project: Mountain People in the Ancient Near East: the Case of the Zagros.

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Bergemann, David  

Bergemann, David (Germany, 1975)

M. A. in pre- and protohistoric archaeology, classical archaeology and ancient history.

PhD Project: Analysis and Evaluation of Germanic Settlements Patterns and Spatial Structures from 1st Century BC to 3rd Century AD in North and North-Western Germany.

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Bergemann, Stefanie  

Bergemann, Stefanie (Germany, 1978)

M. A. in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology, German Language and Literature, Medieval and Modern History.

PhD Project: Neolithic Changes in the Central Elbe-Saale-Region - The Site Zauschwitz, Lkr. Leipzig.

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Biederbick, Maren C.  

Biederbick, Maren C. (Germany, 1980)

M. A. in History of Art.

PhD Project: 'Imprints of Loyalty and Corporate Identity in Early Modern Landscape' - New Index to Paolo Giovio's and Gabriele Symeoni's Devises, Lyon 1574

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Bonazzi, Marion (France, 1989)

M.Sc. in Biotechnology / Molecular biology

PhD Project: Mycobacterium leprae and tuberculosis genomics and co-evolution.

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Boysen, Sara C.  

Boysen, Sara C.

Staatsexamen in Latin Philology and History

PhD Project: Roman Villa Landscapes in Ancient Italy. Literary Perception, Development, Utilization.

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Butruille, Camille (France, 1985)

M. SC. in Geosciences of the Environment

PhD Project: Mid Holocene Climate Variability in Northern Germany and Adjacent Oceans. Stable Isotopes and Geochemical Approach.

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Dal Corso, Marta  

Dal Corso, Marta (Italy, 1985)

M.A. in Archaeology (Pre-Protohistory)

PhD Project: Environmental History and Development of the Human Llandscape in a North-Eastern Italian Lowland during Bronze Age: A Multidisciplinary Case Study.

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Dal Corso, Marta  

Danborg Torfing, Tobias (Denmark, 1983)

M.A. in prehistoric archaeology

PhD Project: Exploring the Networks of the TRB

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De Cet, Monica  

De Cet, Monica (Italy, 1984)

M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology

PhD Project: The Prehistory of Menorca: Environment and Demography.

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Franz, Ingmar  

Franz, Ingmar (Germany, 1979)

M.A. in Prehistoric Archaeology & Geography

PhD project: Pottery Production as Proxy for the Emergence of Early Social Complexity in the Near Eastern and European Neolithic


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Fuchs, Katharina  

Fuchs, Katharina (Germany, 1985)

Dipl. Prehist. in Pre- and Protohistory, Anthropology & Zoology

PhD project: Anthropological and socio-archaeological analysis of a Bronze Age burial ground with key position from the Northern Caucasus (working title).


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Galuppi, Marco  

Galuppi, Marco (Italy, 1983)

M. A. in Research, Documentation and Preservation of the Archaeological Heritage

PhD project: Iron IV/ Achaemenid period pottery on the Iranian Plateau. A multidisciplinary study.


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Gelabert Oliver, Maria  

Gelabert Oliver, Maria (Spain, 1988)

M. A. in Prehistory, Antiquity and the Middle Ages

PhD project: Landscape distribution of Talaiotic monuments as markers of social space.


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Gorbahn, Hermann  

Gorbahn, Hermann (Germany, 1980)

Magister Artium in Pre- and Protohistory, Ancient History and German Philology.

PhD project: The Archaic Site of Pernil Alto, Peru, and the Emergence of Sedentism and Agriculture in Peru in Comparison to Similar Processes in the Old World (working title).


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Grassel, Philipp  

Grassel, Philipp (Germany, 1983)

M.A. in Prehistoric and Historic Archeology, Classical Archeology, History of Arts

PhD project: Mobility and sea trade of hanseatic merchants in the area between Norway and Greenland. The sea shipping of Hamburg and Bremen in the range of the 15th until the 17th century, from an archaeological point of view.

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Grossmann, Ralph  

Grossmann, Ralph (Germany, 1978)

Magister Artium in Pre- and Protohistory, Sociology and Philosophy

PhD project: The Dialectic Relation of the Corded Ware and Bell-Beaker Culture in Middle Europe, in Context to Theoretical and Ethnographic Aspects.

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Heymann, Christian  

Heymann, Christian (Germany, 1980)

Diploma in Geology

PhD project: The Enviromental History of Lake Stymphalia (NE-Peloponnese, Greece).

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Hoffmann, Saskia  

Hoffmann, Saskia (Germany, 1980)

M.A. in Historical Linguistics of the Indoeuropean Languages, Classical Philology, French Linguistics

PhD project: Pindar´s sixth Olympian Ode for Hagesias of Syracuse and Stymphalos.


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Iwe, Karina  

Iwe, Karina (Germany, 1983)

M.A. Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

PhD project: A Study of the Animal Style of Scythian Nomadic Horse-Riders in Central Asia.

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Kerres, Verena  

Kerres, Verena (Germany, 1987)

M.A. in Pre- and Protohistoric Archaeology

PhD project: Domestication on the Periphery: Nascent Animal Management between the Northern Fertile Crescent and the Southern Caucasus.

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Kiesow, Sandra  

Kiesow, Sandra (Germany, 1982)

MSc in Agronomy

PhD project: Cultivated mountain slopes in the north of Madeira Island, Portugal.

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Kruetgen, Nadine  

Krause, Jessica Susanne (Germany, 1986)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology

PhD project: "Theseus as a Symbol of Athens. The Attic Demos Heros in Architectural Sculptural Representations of the Thessalian Centauromachy outside Attica"

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Kruetgen, Nadine  

Krütgen, Nadine (Germany, 1981)

M.A. in Classical Archaeology, Art History and Pre- and Protohistory

PhD project: Architecture of Roman Villas in Paintings and Mosaics. Images of Villas in the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity and their Meaning

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