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Graduate School Human Development in Landscapes

The Graduate School - Supporting Research Platforms



Platform 1: Communication Platform

Platform 2: Technical Platform

Platform 3: Arts and Humanities Platform

Platform 2: Technical Platform

Participating Institutes and Centres of CAU provide access to a wide spectrum of analytical techniques, including state-of-the-art instrumentation, and to leading expertise in the application of these techniques to the solution of a wide variety of research questions.


This enables PhD research projects to use well-proven approaches as well as to test new ideas. The support offered by platform 2 is provided by sub-platforms, which are concentrated around three foci:


  1. the analysis of finds (aDNA laboratory, isotope, trace element analysis, botanical platform)
  2. field expertise (archaeological excavation, near surface geophysics and scientific diving), and
  3. information technologies (GIS and 3D visualisation).



platform2 isotope aDNA botanic geophysics diving excavation information technology

Structure of the technical platform 2

Focus 1, the analysis of finds, groups analytical techniques used in the Natural Sciences, from molecular biology (aDNA analysis) to radiocarbon dating, stable isotope analysis, material research, and botanical analysis. Focus 2 offers field expertise such as near surface geophysics, excavation techniques, and scientific diving. Focus 3, information technologies, groups GIS, 3D visualisation, and computational science


Prof. Dr. Wiebke Kirleis +49 431 880.3173

Prof. Dr. Ben Krause-Kyora +49 431 597.2213

Detailed contact list of Platform 2