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The Graduate School - Supporting Research Platforms




Platform 1: Communication Platform

Platform 2: Technical Platform

Platform 3: Arts and Humanities Platform




Platform 3: Arts and Humanities Platform

Platform 3: Arts and Humanities Platform (Fig: Holger Dieterich)

The Arts and Humanities Platform provides a Virtual Research Environment for the Graduate School with the help of two tools. The “History of Ideas Platform” fosters an interdisciplinary discussion with the possibility to share research results as well as ideas about the concept of “landscape”. It offers information about data repositories, library catalogues and museum collections from the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, containing access to written historical sources, literature, pictures, maps, reports from sociological enquiries and investigations, place names, and archaeological data. It is only available within the university network:


The “Humanities Database” offers customised facilities to save doctoral research as a means to identify related data from humanist disciplines. It promotes the inter-linkage of the different disciplines and enhances the exchange of data from the Humanities, the Social and the Natural Sciences. The data model will be instantiated by a formal ontology whose central principle is the conceptualisation of events tied together by physical, spatial, temporal or conceptual attributes. In this way, it is a highly innovative tool within the Graduate School that is built on interdisciplinarity.




Prof. Dr. Josef Wiesehöfer

Ancient Oriental History - Department of Classics

+49 431 880.2277



Prof. Dr. Johannes Bröcker

Institute for Regional Research

+49 431 880.3276