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"Masters of Fantasy", SCIFI-channel ,  March 19 1998 A profile of director James Cameron ("The Abyss," "Aliens," "Terminator 2: Judgement Day"), 30 min

James Cameron: A Director & His Work (making of Aliens, UK)

Making of featurette. Including on Alien rental release (UK)

Men of action : an amazing insight into 5 of the greatest action films ever. The making of...The Terminator ; Robocop ; The Delta Force ; Exterminator 2 ; Missing In Action 2 / produced & directed by Drew Cummings Watford Herts : VCI, 1992 [VHS] (110 Min.)

The Making of Terminator 2 : Tag der Abrechnung / A Video by David G. Hudson & Ed Marsh. Additional Camera: Anders Falk. Graphic Designer: Bob Mackie. Graphic Illustrator: Chris Scarbro München : Carolco, 1991 [VHS] (45 Min.)

Under Pressure: Making of The Abyss (59 mins)

On Titanic

Titanic: Breaking New Ground, FOX, March 24 1998 The sinking of the storied ocean liner (on the night of April 14, 1912) is recalled through period archives and clips from the blockbuster 1997 film. Also: interviews with director James Cameron, stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, and survivors of the disaster; and a look at how the ship was re-created for the film. Peter Coyote is the narrator, (rerun)

Movies in Time: Titanic, HIST, March 24 1998 Director James Cameron discusses the problems addressed by historians to faithfully reproduce the historic tragedy in ``Titanic.'' Leonardo DiCaprio and Billy Zane explain preparation for their roles; and historians John P. Eaton, Charles Haas, Professor Steven Biel, and Professor Brent Toplin, all authors of books on the subject, join in a lively discussion

TV interviews:

Rosie O'Donnell Show: Kate Winslet
Oprah Winfrey Show: James Cameron, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane
"Titanic: Breaking New Ground" (Fox special)
Nightline: James Cameron
CNN Impact: James Cameron

The Art of Illusion - One Hundred Years of Hollywood Special Effects (1995) (includes True Lies)

"Movie Magic" Discovery Channel. jeweils 1- stündige Sendung

Folge 1. "Aliens Invade Hollywood" 

Episode 104 ("Baby Blasts")

"including the demolition of a gas tanker truck in The Terminator"

Episode 107 "Fast and Furious"

"This episode reveals how they staged the nuclear destruction of Los Angeles in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the Alien Queen/power loader sequence in Aliens, and a
catastrophic bus crash in Heart and Souls"

Episode 112  "Digital Dawn"

"a look back at ILM's earlier breakthroughs in digital animation, including work on Willow, The Abyss and Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

Episode 114

"Painting by Numbers"

" This episode shows how the digital wizards at Pacific Data Images employed the technique in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Heart and Souls and The Babe."

Episode 207 "Unforgettable Shots" -

"including Visual Effects Supervisor John Bruno's Harrier flight sequences in True Lies and Buena Vista Visual Effects' flying sleigh and reindeer for The Santa Clause."

Episode 305 "Dive!" -

"looks back at the most ambitious underwater film ever, The Abyss."

Episode 311 "Creating With Characters" -

"This episode traces the amazing career of visual effects legend Stan Winston, one of Hollywood's masters of
character creation, and features never-before-seen footage on the design and creation of Stan Winston Studio's characters in Jurassic Park, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Congo, Batman Returns, Edward Scissorhands and Aliens."

Episode 502 History Unleashed - "Down And Out" 

"Effects artists create the most visually accurate and spectacular telling of the fateful voyage of the Titanic, using stunning model work, pyrotechnic displays and groundbreaking digital effects. And, see history re-created in From Earth to the Moon, re-staging Neil Armstrong's fiery crash during training in the lunar landing vehicle."

Episode 505 Robots - "Mechanical Movie Stars" 

"Visit the set of Short Circuit, where effects artists create a fully functional robot named Johnny #5. We'll also take you behind the scenes of a high-tech ride film, Terminator 2-3D, where creature creator Stan Winston and director James Cameron polish up their cyber-killers for a whole new dimension of theme park entertainment."

Episode 507 "Disasters at Sea - "That Sinking Feeling" 

Go behind the scenes on James Cameron's epic, Titanic to learn how the infamous disaster is recreated. And discover how Cameron's passion to bring this infamous tragedy to life led to breakthroughs in visual effects, including the creation of a convincing computer-generated ocean.

On "Strange Days":

E! Channel SD premiere clip (3 minutes) 
CNN re: Strange Days (5 minutes) 
Today Show interview re: Strange Days (5 minutes) 
CBS This Morning interview re: Strange Days (5 minutes) 
Entertainment Tonight Europe interview re: Strange Days (5 minutes) 
"Pebble Mill" interview (UK) re: Strange Days (10 minutes) 
TLC - "Cyberspace" feature with RF interview (3 minutes) 
Entertainment Tonight clip re: Vanity Fair cover (1 minute) 
Behind The Scenes, The Making of SD (10 minutes) 
BBC SD Feature (10 minutes) 
Material from the SD Laserdisc:
- Strange Days Teaser (Trailer #1) (5 minutes)
- Strange Days Trailer (#2) (3 minutes)
- 2 deleted scenes from Strange Days (10 minutes)
- Strange Days storyboards & stills (5 minutes)
- Strange Days "Featurette" (10 minutes)