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Scientific films

Phytomedicine as a scientific discipline focuses on the health of plants and helps ensure an economically and environmentally responsible production of food in sufficient quantity and quality. This aim demands both an effective teaching and research and requires a basic knowledge of abiotic and biotic damaging factors such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and animal pests as well as crop protection measures. Education thus has a high priority. Of particular interest are the complex biological life cycles of disease-causing organisms. The video series "The Biology of Fungal Pathogens" explains with advanced visualization techniques the life cycles of various fungal pathogens in a simple but vivid kind. The videos combine photo-realistic three-dimensional computer animation and real camera shots to create a life-like overall picture that gives the viewer a deeper and lasting understanding of the biological and ecological relationships of different plant-parasite relations. This newly developed medium is therefore of special interest for both professionals and amateurs. The wide circle includes teachers and students of various institutions, university teachers and students of agricultural sciences, biology, ecology and adjacent or related fields, the state and private extension services and of course agricultural practitioners. In future, the life cycles of economically important pathogens of corn, canola, sugar beet, fruit and wine cultures will be prepared in the same way.


Prof. J.-A. Verreet


Plant pathology films Entomology films:

The Biology of Fungal Pathogens (Powerpoint Multimedia, 256 MB)

Prof. Urs Wyss on the occasion of his 75th birthday (MP4, 0:15 min, 1.88 MB)









Net and spot type

DTR vs D. teres



Leaf rust











Fusarium diseases

Barley leaf spot  

Cercospora beticola and Ramularia beticola












Beet cyst nematode


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