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Press release No. 128/2010, 2010-08-20

Shanghai Ranking 2010: Christian Albrecht University 12th among German Universities

The Christian Albrecht University of Kiel stands out against other German universities in this year’s Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU): it achieved 12th place among universities in the Federal Republic. Moreover, Schleswig-Holstein’s state university is well-positioned on a worldwide scale, placing 185th in the global ranking.

For Professor Gerhard Fouquet, the President of the CAU, this is the result of a forward-looking strategy on the part of the University: "The Shanghai ranking compares research achievement among universities worldwide. Over the last five years in particular, the CAU has systematically promoted cutting-edge research and research-related teaching and will continue to expand upon this in the future. So it is especially gratifying to place this well in comparison to other universities in Germany. As a comprehensive university, the CAU provides not only fundamental education but also excels in leading research. The University is well-prepared for the challenges of the 21st Century."

Professor Thomas Bosch, Vice President and coordinator of strategic development at the University, sees all the essential signals regarding the CAU’s application under the Excellence Initiative: "In light of the next round of the Excellence Initiative, we are continuing to expand upon the strength of our institution’s research in the four foci, Ocean and Earth Sciences, Applied Life Sciences, Cultural Studies, and Nanoscience. The CAU is asserting itself on an international level as one of Northern Europe’s leading universities."

The ARWU, or Shanghai ranking, has been updated and published by the Jiaotong University of Shanghai each year since 2003. The list compares the world’s 500 leading universities. Several indicators figure into the evaluation, which focuses on research. Articles in Nature and Science are taken into account, as are listings in Web of Science. In addition, the ARWU measures the quality of education at each institution. One of the indicators is the number of graduates who have gone on to win a Nobel or other field-specific prize. Finally, the ranking considers the success of the university’s academic staff, considering Nobel prize-winners since 1911, winners of other field-specific awards, and the frequency with which their research is cited.

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