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Into the Future of Genome Research at Kiel University

International degree programme “AgriGenomics” launched successfully

Genome research has revealed many insights into the genesis and evolution of living creatures. In order to qualify young researchers to tap the full potential of the ever-growing possibilities within this sector, Kiel University launched the Master of Science programme “AgriGenomics” at the beginning of this semester (winter 2011/12). It incorporates research on genetic improvement of agricultural crop and productive livestock – a unique combination that can only be found at Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (CAU).

Students from various degree programmes will profit from this exceptional course. They will become qualified to deal with all specific orientations in international agricultural research and will therefore play a major role in modernising agricultural production processes. “We will train our students for practical, world-wide employment”, Professor Christian Jung, coordinator of this course, stresses. The unique feature in the course “AgriGenomics” is its combination of teaching on plant and livestock production. “With regard to their DNA all living creatures are the same – human, animal or plant. With this new strategy, we will enable our students to look beyond their individual field of study and work in an interdisciplinary manner. Thinking in networks will be the future of genome research.”

The students of the first generation have arrived from four continents. Since the semester started in October, they have already completed a laboratory course. Further practical classes will follow during the four semesters of their academic studies. Featured projects aim to reduce the use of agricultural pesticide, influence the flowering period of rape and sugar beet, or select a bull which will father cows with a higher milk production. Six institutes and a range of external partners will equip the future researchers with all necessary tools and methodologies for their work, ranging from cross-sectional technologies in life science to bioinformatics. The conservation of natural resources is also a major focus of this course.

The M.Sc. degree programme “AgriGenomics” is an international course. All graduates of Bachelor studies in agricultural science, biology, bioinformatics, biochemistry, genetics and related disciplines are eligible to enroll. All courses will be held in English. Even though it is not admission-restricted, an aptitude test is obligatory. The deadline for the next test will be June 1st, 2012.

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Translation: Ann-Christin Wimber

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Caption: AgriGenomics combines genetic improvement of agricultural crop and productive livestock.
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