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Kiel University at the Hannover Messe: Kipp calls for more courage to take risks

Intensive discussions on the future of the university, artificial intelligence and knowledge transfer at the state university’s reception in Hanover

At the halfway point of the Hannover Messe, the President of Kiel University declared himself very satisfied with this year's presentation of the state university at the world's largest industrial trade show. "We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback in the last few days about our appearance in Hanover, and experienced a great deal of respect and recognition for our work. This related to both the booth itself, as well as to the contents we are exhibiting and presenting here. In this way, Kiel and Schleswig-Holstein are put on the map as locations for cutting-edge research and innovation, in the minds of many decision-makers," said Kipp on his impressions of the first three days of the trade show.

Since Monday, researchers have presented their projects to an interested audience at the constantly well-attended CAU booth. Until Friday 27 April, they will provide information on technical or economic solutions in the areas of energy and technology, social services and health, and about the start-up initiatives from Kiel University. The university welcomed numerous guests from politics, business and science to its booth in the first few days, including Minister-President Daniel Günther, Minister of Science Karin Prien, Kiel’s IHK President Klaus-Hinrich Vater, as well as the vice presidents of the German Research Foundation (DFG) Professor Frank Allgöwer and Professor Wolfgang Ertmer. On Sunday, CAU President Kipp spoke briefly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about the university's programme, during the opening ceremony.

Autonomy and more courage to take risks

During the official CAU reception on Tuesday 24 April, Kipp called for a fundamental realignment of the university - 30 years after Germany’s reunification and 20 years after Bologna: “The universities are and will remain the core of the German science system. Therefore, they must finally be better-equipped, more self-confident and largely autonomous." According to Kipp, the trend cannot continue whereby non-university research institutions have increasingly-better resources, while universities - who provide the basis for leaps of innovation through their fundamental research - are being bled dry. "However, this requires a new self-confidence and sense of responsibility of the universities, in relation to policy and to the ministerial bureaucracy. Our guiding principle is: partnership instead of control. Trust instead of small-scale target-based agreements. Far-reaching autonomy with finances, personnel and construction." Only in this way could the universities once again become places of dialogue and competition for the best ideas.

Thereafter, DFG Vice President Professor Wolfgang Ertmer spoke about artificial intelligence, quantum computing, global challenges and the relationship between science and industry. "There are in fact different islands of science and the economy. We should all consider it our task to take risks, and to overcome the ocean in between. This is the only way we can tackle the existing docking problems between science and industry." The DFG supports scientists to do so in a variety of ways.

Music will be provided by “Yared Dibaba und die Schlickrutscher”.

The speech by the CAU President at the Hannover Messe (PDF):

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Kiel University’s President Professor Lutz Kipp gave a positive interim assessment during the reception at the Hannover Messe, and demanded more autonomy for science.
Photo/Copyright: Claudia Eulitz, Kiel University

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Artificial intelligence and quantum computing: western societies must be more courageous with the research and application of the technologies of the future, said DFG Vice President Professor Wolfgang Ertmer at the CAU reception at the Hannover Messe 2018. Photo/Copyright: Claudia Eulitz, Kiel University

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Great atmosphere at the CAU reception in Hall 2 at the Hannover Messe with "Yared Dibaba und die Schlickrutscher". Photo/Copyright: Claudia Eulitz, Kiel University

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On Sunday, university President Professor Lutz Kipp, Minister-President Daniel Günther (right) and Minister of Science Karin Prien spoke briefly with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (left) about Kiel University’s programme before the official opening of the Hannover Messe.
Photo/Copyright: Dr Boris Pawlowski, Kiel University

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CAU@Hannover Messe
In 2018, Kiel University (CAU) will once again present its excellent research at the Hannover Messe. Under the motto "Ways to Solutions" the state university demonstrates: science affects society in many different ways. It contributes to exchanges, solves tricky problems and creates new scenarios. All this awaits guests in Hall 2 (Research & Technology). This time, together with our partners: State of Schleswig-Holstein, the City of Kiel and the European XFEL. Participation at the trade show will focus on presentations and exhibits associated with cutting-edge research, the transfer of knowledge, patents and initiatives to establish companies. Presentations and panel discussions will round off the varied programme during the week. All information can be found here:

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