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The announced demise

The heavenly island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific is at risk of sinking because of the changing climate. Social geographer Silja Klepp from Kiel University has investigated the strategies of the country’s government to react to this threat and to create a liveable future for its inhabitants.

Sooner or later there will be climate refugees, there is no doubt about this. Not only are the sea levels rising in the wake of climate change, but climate models also forecast that the intensity and frequency of tidal waves will increase, making coastal regions that are currently densely populated, uninhabitable. ► Read more...


Dear readers,

If you contemplate the role of science in the modern world, you face a paradox: on one side, society and policy makers demand that science provides evidence-based insights, on which they can base their decisions and political alignments.

On the other side, the dynamics of science are founded on the fact that scientific contributions are occasionally contradictory and deliver several answers to one problem. Awareness of the uncertainty of its own insights is science’s engine, not a presumed certainty. Nevertheless, it is not random and haphazard. Instead, it produces and describes its versions of solutions intelligently and transparently. In this, it is very democratic.

We warmly invite you to discuss the role of science with us, as well as what you expect of it at this year's Night of the Profs on 17 November, under the motto »Truth(s) – Values – Resistance«. This issue of unizeit provides a wealth of inspirational ideas.

Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University

Brown algae with potential

Seaweed, bladder wrack, knotted wrack – the Baltic Sea conceals innumerable brown algae species. Their health implications are being systematically researched in a German-Danish research project. ► Read more...

Interdisciplinary doctoral degrees

Innovative implants could be an alternative to high dosage medicines when treating brain disorders. Interdisciplinary specialists are needed to develop them, and they are trained at Kiel University. ► More...