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Online course

Getting involved – expressly requested

Until 13 August, the »Massive Open Online Course (MOOC): One Planet – One Ocean: From Science to Solutions« invites people to learn more about current marine science topics and the sustainable use of the world's oceans. On a weekly basis, new presentations, videos and tasks will be added to the online platform and remain there.

The initiative doesn't just want to make facts about marine protection available to the general public and provide food for thought – it also wants to bring participants together into discussion forums and encourage them to develop their own ideas or get actively involved. »It survives by people joining in, who want to make their own contribution to sustainable oceans,« emphasises Dr Avan Antia, leading lecturer of the new Ocean MOOC by the Cluster of Excellence »The Future Ocean«. The aim is to form an international community which actively advocates marine protection beyond the scope of the course and stays informed.

The course contents are provided by experts from Kiel University, the Cluster of Excellence »The Future Ocean« and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, along with the International Ocean Institute, Malta, from the fields of marine science, economy, law and philosophy. They provide a holistic view of how the ocean works, how human interaction with the ocean can be understood and which solutions are available for sustainable use. A total of six thematic blocks will be offered bit by bit, such as on marine ecosystems, coastal regions, fishing and aquaculture or climate issues.

The series of lectures is open to all and free of charge. As of now, everyone who wants to find out more about the world's oceans can sign up for the online course. The course will be held in English and implemented together with the non-governmental organisation, SDG Academy.

Kerstin Nees
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