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Dear readers,

2018 will be a year of critical changes in direction for our university. In the autumn, the government and the federal states will make a decision on the new Excellence Strategy (ExStra). With three applications, Kiel University is well placed for the final in this highly competitive science competition. Success would not only be a ticket to permanent governmental support for cutting-edge research and an enormous boost for our image. It would also enable us to invest extensively in expanding research-based teaching and in the dialogue with society.

Futurologist Matthias Horx once said “Disruption always occurs when old systems become sluggish, opposed to innovation and self-righteous.” In a time that is strongly characterised by disruption and digitalisation, science can and must create orientation and trust in tomorrow. We want to embrace this important task even more in the future, together. Have a look over our shoulders in this new edition of “unizeit”.

Professor Dr Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University
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