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Dear readers,

In 2019, Kiel University’s Botanical Garden will be 350 years old. It is actually five botanical gardens – back in 1669, four years after founding Kiel University, Johann Daniel Major (1634–1693) created the first »hortus medicus« for the Faculty of Medicine. Over the centuries, four more gardens arose in different locations in Kiel, including the Old Botanical Garden on Schwanenweg. The most recent »new formation« took place in 1975 behind the biology centre at the end of Leibnizstraße.

The gardens have always been a lively compendium of natural history and popular places to study and relax. Their emergence over time spectacularly describes the close link between the development of the city and the university. Kiel University and the city are now taking this common theme up again. Science is once again the driving force behind Kiel’s development. We are forging ahead with this connection and the exchange between science and society, together with our partners. Things that belong together, grow together. The Botanical Garden is a beautiful symbol for this.
I hope you enjoy reading the latest unizeit articles!

Prof. Dr Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University
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