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unizeit No. 90, 04.04.2017

For Schleswig-Holstein's state university, enabling people with different requirements to participate in studying, teach­ing, research, further education, technology and administra­tion is not only a social and legal necessity but also a self-defined challenge.


Moin (Hi!) Refugees!
As a documentary film-maker in Syria, she has recognised heroic people in everyday life ime and again. Now Sara Alkoud has to be a bit of a heroine herself. She is preparing for her second academic career in Germany at Kiel University.


„Everyone deserves the same respect“
Kiel University promotes participation by people with and without disabilities. Kiel University Vice President Professor Anja Pistor-Hatam and her Personal Assistant for Diversity, Kathrin Houda, are working on the process together with a large team.


Study Migration and Diversity
It's possible to study how to handle diversity at Kiel University. There is an extra­ordinary level of interest in this course, which is otherwise hardly available in Germany.


The chemical cage
After spending time in Cambridge, Oxford and the California Institute of Technology, she became an assistant professor in Kiel at the age of 31: Anna McConnell has big plans. For example - building complex molecular cages.


International doctorate
In a Europe which is growing ever closer together, doctoral candidates can write their doctoral thesis at two different universities in two countries. Mirco Brunner from Switzerland sees numerous advantages in this binational procedure.


Sports without hurdles
Inclusion in sports is a big topic But there is still room for improvement, says Professor Manfred Wegner from the Institute for Sports Sciences.



Deutsche Fassung

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