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unizeit No. 91, 15.07.2017

Change and uncertainty are shaping the zeitgeist. Freedoms which were previously taken for granted are currently being questioned. Critical thinking is being restricted in many places. Free speech can mean imprisonment or even death. It is time to stand up to this.


Forest Protection in Paraguay
The Department of Geography at Kiel University is involved in a research project for protecting the rainforest in Paraguay, by means of remote sensing as well as field research.


On the trail of the truth
If the authorities get stuck with their criminal investigations, science can give them a helping hand. For example, private lecturer Dr Cornelius Courts: the forensic geneticist searches for answers in the smallest molecules.


Endless fascination
What the forester does in the woods, so Robert Wimmer-Schweingruber does for science: the professor for extra-terrestrial physics thinks and plans in decades.


Online course
Getting involved expressly requested


Making the world a better place while learning
Get out of the lecture marathon, and into taking responsibility. With this concept, Professor Christoph Corves helps dedicated people to develop entrepreneurial solutions for social problems. The best thing is: its not only students who can benefit from his courses.


The art of healing from far-away lands
From A for Ayurveda to Z for Zang-fu: in August, Kiel University will be the meeting place for experts and those interested in traditional Asian medical cultures.



Deutsche Fassung

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