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unizeit No. 92, 21.10.2017



Something's got to give!
More than a hundred years ago, the first experts were already warning us about man-made climate change. Yet we are still barely even willing to change our lifestyles and sceptics are on the advance. Mojib Latif and Konrad Ott are taking a stance with regard to social uncertainty and responsibility in the post-truth age.


Brown algae with potential
Seaweed, bladder wrack, knotted wrack – the Baltic Sea conceals innumerable brown algae species. Their health implications are being systematically researched in a German-Danish research project.


The announced demise
The heavenly island nation of Kiribati in the South Pacific is at risk of sinking because of the changing climate. Social geographer Silja Klepp from Kiel University has investigated the strategies of the country’s government to react to this threat and to create a liveable future for its inhabitants.


“Great for making new contacts and learning the language!”
Improving your own language skills through personal exchange, while at the same time meeting new people and getting to know new cultures is the idea behind the M.O.I.N.! project initiated by the Graduate Center and the Continuing Professional Development Centre.


Interdisciplinary doctoral degrees
Innovative implants could be an alternative to high dosage medicines when treating brain disorders. Interdisciplinary specialists are needed to develop them, and they are trained at Kiel University.



Deutsche Fassung

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