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unizeit No. 94, 31.03.2018



»Basically, everyone loses«
Continental Europe looks with gloating joy across the Channel amidst increasing signs of economic problems. But Brexit doesn’t only affect the population of Great Britain.


Optical measurement of melting ice
The Kiel geographer Natascha Oppelt took part in a Polarstern expedition to the Arctic, to gather size, depth and optical data of melt ponds. The aim is to gather such data, which is important for climate modelling, by means of remote sensing in the future.


Forms of aquaculture
Fish farming has a long tradition in the form of carp and trout ponds. And it has a future. An interdisciplinary working group in the Cluster of Excellence »The Future Ocean« is pursuing the optimisation of marine aquaculture in terms of sustainability.


Where industry experiments
The clean room at the Competence Center Nanosystem Technology not only provides high-tech facilities for nano research in Kiel. It also enables companies to test new materials - for example for micro-speakers.


Gender stereotypes from the Stone Age
Were the roles of men and women already determined back in the Stone Age? No doubt about it – at least for the archaeologists of the 19th century. And for a long time, this shaped our perspective of the way our ancestors lived.


Detective work against doping
Every smallest molecule - no matter how tiny it is - split into all its constituent parts: nowadays this is possible, thanks to modern analysis methods. This technology is particularly useful for doping investigators in professional sports, in order to search for banned substances.



Deutsche Fassung

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