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unizeit No. 95, 07.07.2018



Destiwt Dorlw – Twisted World
The creative use of language and its rules is very popular in France, where wordplay is a natural part of everyday language.


Dominion over the sea
Who decides where raw materials may be exploited in the deep sea, and under what conditions? Political questions like these related to the ocean are Aletta Mondré's research field. She holds the unique chair for international ocean governance.


When is an island an island?
And why is this important? Professor Nele Matz-Lück tackled these questions in a lecture during Kieler Woche. In the unizeit interview, the Kiel international law expert explains why the definition of islands is so controversial.


Personalised Medicine
Every patient is different. The Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics researches how to produce matching medication. A cooperation agreement with Oslo will expand the scope of research and teaching.


Almost like during the Cold War
Around 25 years ago, Russia joining the EU did not seem completely impossible. Today the relationship between the two sides is more similar to that during the Cold War period. The political scientist Dr Sven Singhofen fears that it will remain so for quite a while.


The non-European view
Are stone monuments in India comparable with large stone graves in Northern Germany? European and Indian researchers met to exchange knowledge.



Deutsche Fassung

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