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Deutsche Fassung

unizeit No. 96, 20.10.2018

by Prof. Lutz Kipp


The power of words
There is more Nazi language in our everyday German than most people realise. Therefore, the German studies Professor Jörg Kilian is dedicated to raising awareness of this language heritage, in research and teaching as well as in German language lessons at school. Especially when Nazi language comes to prominence in the political context.


"Counting CO2 instead of calories"
People wanting to lose weight should work on their own behaviour first. To some extent, the same also applies to climate protection. At Kiel University, an app is currently being developed to help users keep track of their own energy consumption and its effects on the climate.


The simulated classroom
Teachers must know a lot to be able to give good lessons. But this alone is not enough. They must also be able to convey the material well. Already during their training, the simulated classroom uncovers areas for improvement.


What is App?
How are our forms of expression and interaction changing? How are our aesthetic perception and cultural ideas changing through the use of social media? These questions are the focus of the Online Lab for Digital Cultural Education, together with adolescents and adults.


That's how it is
Basic research in biology and medicine usually takes place on an unseen and not easily accessible level. In Kiel, researchers have worked together with a design team to create a digital exhibit that uses visualisation to make research work under­standable for those who are not experts in the subject, too.


Crystals from Kiel in demand worldwide
Layered crystals from the fjord have become the benchmark in international nano-research. All over the world, experiments carried out with them are helping to better understand how atoms and electrons behave in materials.


More risks, more side effects
Women are more susceptible to the negative effects of tobacco smoke. With the same smoking behaviour, they develop lung cancer more often than men. A possible explanation for this has been found in a study by Kiel-based toxicologists.


High-tech for environmental research
How much microplastic does the Baltic Sea wash up onto the beaches of Schleswig-Holstein? In order to answer this question, a project of the Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" is performing a detailed analysis of sand samples from 10 locations.


A fish farm for the garden
There is enough room - even on the tiniest patch of earth. This is the principle behind the "urban gardening" movement in cities. And the sustainable fish farm for your own garden, developed by start-up AquaCubes, also invokes this principle.


Size alone is not the determining factor
Every year in Germany, three percent of agricultural businesses disappear. Why does this happen? The Institute of Agricultural Economics at Kiel University is searching for answers.


Fluctuating performance
Can seasick captains still steer a ship reliably? A justified question, as anyone who does a lot of seafaring is not, in principle, immune to seasickness. In his doctoral thesis, Simon Sartisohn is investigating the objective effects of the complaint on the sufferer's reactions, alertness and coordi­nation. The German navy is also interested in the results.


Victory in focus
With modern eye tracking technology, eye movements can be closely monitored, recorded and evaluated. This is especially decisive in fast sports. Why? Dr Claudia Bornemann researches this for serving in tennis.


Access to Art
The university and art have a long tradition together. Discover it at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel.


Child's play?
Competitions and grades enable children to learn to compare themselves with others very early. And the parents' expectations are often high. The Kiel business ethicist, Junior Professor Menusch Khadjavi, investigated the impact of parental ambitions, and advises a more relaxed approach.



Deutsche Fassung

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