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unizeit No. 98, 30.03.2019

by Prof. Lutz Kipp


In the heart of the city
The Seeburg on the Kiellinie promenade should become an event centre for encounters with science. The close exchange between university and society is a key part of the CAU's application in the competition for the title of "University of Excellence".


Californian inspiration
Excellent fundamental research and technology transfer are not a contradiction. American universities such as Stanford, and the companies which arise in Silicon Valley, are living proof of this. With new programmes, Kiel University aims to boost exchanges with its partner region around San Francisco.


For science and society
Whetting the appetite for science right from the start. In the future, this should be done much more systematically at Kiel University than before. It is all about crafts­manship and excellence.


"Sparking similar passion."
On 1 and 2 April, 20 international experts will conduct a detailed examination of Kiel University's application to become a University of Excellence. 17 universities and two university associations are still in the race for the coveted title. Eleven of them will ultimately be awarded the status of "excellent".


Career boost for postdocs
Kiel University is introducing a paradigm change in the support it gives early career researchers: the goal is for maximum freedom and individual support to bring the best ideas to the fjord and create career prospects.


Gods in plaster
Kiel has been the proud home of a gate to the gods for 176 years. The Antiken­sammlung (Collection of Classical Antiquities) has even more to offer visitors than the illustrious company of the likes of Zeus, Aphrodite and Hermes. It boasts the rich cultural history of the ancient Greeks and Romans, including millennia-old mysteries.


ROOTS: Back to the roots
Interdisciplinary work is at the heart of the new Cluster of Excellence "ROOTS" at Kiel University: teams from 15 different disciplines research the societies and environments of bygone eras with a focus on the archaeologies.


The best medicine is individual medicine
Clinical research directly on patients is the heart of the new Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" (PMI). The goal is to better understand, prevent and treat illnesses.


Nanostructures from whey protein
Dr Julia Keppler uses all the tools of food technology in order to get whey protein to produce emulsions or ultra-thin films. She is presenting her project at the Hannover Messe.


Almost like in a crime thriller
When Inspector Bodo Rowski investigates, no case remains unsolved. But what happens afterwards? Law students in Kiel will soon be able to address this question themselves, just like in a real crime thriller.


Film-making in the age of the Internet
What is typical for series filmed specifically for the world wide web? This issue is being explored by students of a media science seminar – with the camera.


No data protection racket so far – but caution is still called for
Many were worried when the EU's General Data Protection Regulation came into force on 25 May 2018. However, the dreaded wave of warning letters and fines failed to materialise. According to legal expert Dr Her­mann Lindhorst, this is no reason to let the topic slip by.


Loss of home, community and recognition
The construction of the gigantic Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant in Brazil forced thousands of people to relocate. The Kiel geographer Dr Sören Weißermel has investigated the process of expropriation and its consequences.


Geodata using drone technology
The Kiel-based company Orthodrone GmbH, which is also presenting itself at the Hannover Messe, delivers accurate, high-resolution and three-dimensional geodata. Three geography students from Kiel founded the company, and they now supply their knowledge around the world.


On the way to better climate neutrality
Kiel University took a huge step towards climate neutrality in 2018. And if everything goes according to plan, another similar huge step will follow no later than 2020.


Flensburg is preparing itself
What does climate change mean for me, is my home at risk of flooding and how will the cityscape change? A Kiel University project is working on answers and possible adaptation measures for the city of Flensburg.


University under construction
Over the next five to ten years, almost half a billion Euros will be invested in the structural redevelopment of the university campus. Under the motto Kiel.Science.City, Kiel University, the city of Kiel and the state of Schleswig-Holstein are jointly planning an innovative and internationally competitive university location of the future.



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