On the functional role of the mechanism sensitive for the correlation between chromaticity and luminance
Jürgen Golz
Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, Institute for Psychology

In previous works Don MacLeod and I have argued that the correlation between chromaticity and luminance within the retinal image can play a functional role for achieving colour constancy and is used accordingly by the human visual system. Here I will present experiments showing that the effect of the chromaticity-luminance-correlation is substantially more global than reported by Granzier, Brenner, Cornelissen & Smeets [Journal of Vision,2005,5,20-27], who questioned that this scene statistic is used for the purpose of colour constancy. I will also discuss potential factors that may have lead in the experiments of Granzier et al. to an underestimation of the spatial extent to which the chromaticity-luminance-correlation is taken into account.