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Dr. Gunnar Wendt

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Department of Psychology
Olshausenstr. 62
D-24098 Kiel
Germany (Mail)

Wilhelm-Seelig-Platz 6
Room 313
D-24118 Kiel (Visitors)

Phone: +49-431-880-7535
Fax: +49-431-880-5320

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Mausfeld, R., Wendt, G. & Golz, J. (2014). Lustrous material appearances: Internal and external constraints on triggering conditions for binocular lustre. i-Perception, 5(1), 1-19. Link

Ekroll, V., Faul, F. & Wendt, G. (2011). The strengths of simultaneous colour contrast and the gamut expansion effect correlate across observers: Evidence for a common mechanism. Vision Research, 3(9), 311-322, doi:10.1016/j.visres.2010.11.009 [preprint]

Wendt, G., Faul, F., Ekroll, V. & Mausfeld, R. (2010). Disparity, motion, and color information improve gloss constancy performance. Journal of Vision, 10(9): 7; doi:10.1167/10.9.7

Faul, F., Ekroll, V. & Wendt, G. (2008). Colour appearance: The limited role of chromatic surround variance in the "Gamut Expansion Effect". Journal of Vision, 8(3):30, 1-20,, doi:10.1167/8.3.30.

Wendt, G., Faul, F., & Mausfeld, R. (2008). Highlight disparity contributes to the authenticity and strength of perceived glossiness. Journal of Vision, 8(1):14, 1-10,, doi:10.1167/8.1.14.