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Dr. phil. Daniela Renger


Dr. phil. Daniela Renger - Foto


Institute of Psychology;
Kiel University
Olshausenstraße 62 (visitors)
Room 405
Olshausenstr. 40 (mail)
D-24098 Kiel (for letters)
D-24118 Kiel (for parcels)

+49 (0)431 880 3207 (office)
+49 (0)431 880 3972 (secretary)
+49 (0)431 880 2517 (fax)

renger [at]

Office hours: on appointment


Research interests

  • Social recognition and respect

  • Self-respect as psychological construct: Theory and empirical test

  • Antecedents of politically mature and responsible citizens; participation; partake

Current Research Projects


Latest Publications

  • Renger, D., Mommert, A., Renger, S., Miché, M., & Simon, B. (in press). Voicing one’s ideas: Intragroup respect as an antecedent of assertive behavior. Basic and Applied Social Psychology. doi:10.1080/01973533.2018.1542306

  • Renger, D. (2018). Pro- und antisoziales Verhalten [Pro and antisocial behavior]. In J. Strohmer (Ed.), Psychologiewissen für Fachkräfte in Kindergarten, Krippe und Hort (S. 275-281). Bern: Hogrefe Verlag.

  • Renger, D. (2018). Believing in one’s equal rights: Self-respect as a predictor of assertiveness. Self and Identity, 17(1), 1-21. doi:10.1080/15298868.2017.1313307

  • Renger, D. & Eschert, S. (2017). Respekt für Geflüchtete und von Geflüchteten: Herausforderungen eines gleichberechtigten Miteinanders [Respect for and from refugees: Challenges of mutual cooperation]. In-Mind Magazine, 3.

  • Renger, D., Renger, S., Miché, M., & Simon, B. (2017). A social recognition approach to autonomy: The role of equality-based respect. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 43(4), 479-492. doi: 10.1177/0146167216688212

  • Renger, D. & Reese, G. (2017). From equality-based respect to environmental activism: Antecedents and consequences of global identity. Political Psychology, 38(5), 867-879. doi: 10.1111/pops.12382

  • Renger, D., Mommert, A., Renger, S. & Simon, B. (2016). When less equal is less human: Intragroup (dis)respect and the experience of being human. The Journal of Social Psychology, 156(5), 553–563. doi:10.1080/00224545.2015.1135865

  • Simon, B., Mommert, A., & Renger, D. (2015). Reaching across group boundaries: Respect from outgroup members facilitates re-categorization as a common group. British Journal of Social Psychology, 54, 616-628. doi: 10.1111/bjso.12112

  • Simon, B., Reichert, F., Schaefer, C. D., Bachmann, A., & Renger, D. (2015). Dual identification and the (de-)politicization of migrants: Longitudinal and comparative evidence. Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology, 25, 193-203. doi: 10.1002/casp.2206

  • Renger, D., & Simon, B. (2011). Social recognition as an equal: The role of equality-based respect in group life. European Journal of Social Psychology, 41, 501-507. doi: 10.1002/ejsp.814

  • Renger, D. (2009). Intragruppaler Respekt: Eine sozialpsychologische Untersuchung der Wirkung respektvoller vs. respektloser Behandlung auf die kollektive Identifikation und die Leistung in Gruppen. Dissertation, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

Reviewer for:

  • Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

  • International Review of Social Psychology

  • European Journal of Social Psychology

  • British Journal of Social Psychology

  • Social Psychology

  • Group Processes and Intergroup Relations


Academic Self-government

  • Deputy of the Scientific Service of the University Senate (CAU Kiel)

(Selected) Talks at Scientific conferences

  • 09/2018: Invited Talk „Self-respect and protest against injustice" at the interdisciplinary conference „Politicized Struggles for Recognition", Kiel

  • 06/2018: Talk „A social recognition approach to challenging relationships: The role of equality-based respect” at the EASP Meeting „Understanding and Transforming Challenging Relationships“, San Sebastian, Spain

  • 06/2018: Talk „The twofold potential of self-respect: Believing in one’s equal rights motivates collective action against injustice while maintaining positive intergroup relations” at the Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes, Jena/Eyba

  • 01/2018: Invited Talk „A social psychological test of recognition theory”; interdisciplinary workshop “Recognition of the other in Chile: Reflections on ethnicity, poverty, immigration and disability”, Universidad del Desarrollo, Concepción, Chile (invited by Prof. David Sirlopú)

  • 07/2016: Talk with the title „Respect for refugees“ beim 39. Annual Meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology, 13.-16.07.2016, Warschau, Polen

  • 09/2015: Talk with the title "Equality-based respect at the workplace: Effects on assertive behavior and burnout" at the 15. Tagung der Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie, Potsdam.

  • 08/2015: Talk with the title "Why don‘t they fight for their rights? The role of self-respect in explaining differences in assertiveness" at the 8th SELF Biennial International Conference, Kiel.

  • 06/2015: Talk with the title "When less equal is less human: Equality-based respect and the experience of being human" at the 17. Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes, Jena.

  • 07/2013: Talk with the title "Individual and collective perspectives on social recognition and self-respect” at the 15. Jena Workshop on Intergroup Processes, Jena.

  • 06/2013: Poster with the title "When less equal is less human: Social recognition as an equal and the experience of being human“ at the Medium Size Meeting: "Intergroup conflict: The cognitive, emotional, and behavioral consequences of communication", Soesterberg, Netherlands.

  • 09/2011: Interdisciplinary Workshop “ Die Dynamik der Moral” [The dynamics of morality], Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Jena.

  • 07/2011: Poster with the title "Ingredients of respect: When do we feel respected in our groups?“ at the 6. General Meeting of the EASP in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • 07/2011: Talk with the title "Ingredients of respect – When do I feel respected within a group?” at the interdisciplinary colloquium „Kommunikation von Anerkennung” [Communication of social recognition] of the RespectResearchGroup, Hamburg.

  • 09/2010: Talk with the title "Ingredients of respect – When do I feel respected within a group?” at the 47. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Bremen.

  • 09/2009: Talk with the title "The effect of respectful vs. disrespectful treatment on task performance in and for the ingroup“ at the Fachgruppentagung Sozialpsychologie der DGP, Luxemburg.

  • 07/2009: Talk with the title "The effects of intragroup respect on performance in groups“ at the interdisciplinary kolloquium “Umgang mit dem Anderen” [Treating the Other] der RespectResearchGroup, Hamburg.

  • 07/2008: Talk with the title "The role of intragroup respect in task performance in and for (in)groups” at the International Congress of Psychology, Berlin.

  • 06/2008: Talk with the title "The role of intragroup respect in task performance in and for (in)groups” at the General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology, Opatija, Croatia.