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Ausgrabung Wangels LA 69

Fortsetzung der Ausgrabung des Megalithgrabes Wangels LA 69.
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Doctoral positions and scholarships for outstanding young researchers

The Graduate School "Human Development in Landscapes" at Kiel University, Germany ( offers a unique research environment positioned at the interface of the Humanities, Natural, and Social Sciences.
Research at the Graduate School addresses interactions between physical and social landscapes and examines how landscapes serve as a dynamic arena that catalyzes human activity in space and time.

In particular, the Graduate School focuses on the role of environment, social relationships, material culture, subsistence, population dynamics, and human perceptions in promoting change in ancient societies and landscapes. The Graduate School addresses this interaction at multiple timescales and seeks scholars who are developing novel ways to approach some of the most pressing questions and challenges encountered in our time and the ancient world. Some of these challenges include, but certainly are not limited to, the emergence of social differentiation, mobility in societies, the spread of disease, the impact of new technologies on societies, and ideologies/human perseptions of and responses to environmental, climate, and social change.

The Graduate School actively encourages applicants from diverse disciplinary backgrounds and wlcomes the development of extensive theoretical frameworks to support the empirical/applied work.
The Graduate School has been granted funding until 2017 by the German Excellence Initiative.

Consequently, we invite applications for:

11 doctoral positions and 4 scholarships


 For further information, please refer to: Doctoral positions and scholarships for outstanding young researchers