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More risks, more side effects

Women are more susceptible to the negative effects of tobacco smoke. With the same smoking behaviour, they develop lung cancer more often than men. A possible explanation for this has been found in a study by Kiel-based toxicologists.

Smoking is the main risk factor of lung cancer. Four out of five fatalities resulting from lung cancer are attributable to smoking. Clearly, women are particularly at risk. "According to data from the Federal Statistical Office of 2012, women lose a great many more years of life to smoking-related diseases than men," stressed Dr Claudia Stapelfeld... ► Read more...

That's how it is

Basic research in biology and medicine usually takes place on an unseen and not easily accessible level. In Kiel, researchers have worked together with a design team to create a digital exhibit that uses visualisation to make research work understandable for those who are not experts in the subject, too. ► More...


Dear readers,

We've done it! Our university has achieved success in the German Excellence Strategy - with two Clusters, major joint research projects over several faculties and with our partners. The past months and years have produced incredible achievements by all those involved, and placed Schleswig-Holstein on the world map of cutting-edge research.

The Clusters all have their interdisciplinary approach, selected to address significant social issues, in common. Interfaces – Integrative researching in productive contact-SPACES – this is the instrument which opens up our door to the university-wide status of Excellence. Open, connected and interdisciplinary: we now want to further develop this idea and sustainably implement it. I am convinced that cutting-edge research must lead to top class teaching. With fresh wind in our sails from the Cluster success, I look forward to resolutely tackling the next stages, together with all members of the university and our partners. We are facing more exciting months and years to come.

I hope you enjoy reading the latest unizeit articles!
Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University

Crystals from Kiel in demand worldwide

Layered crystals from the fjord have become the benchmark in international nano-research. All over the world, experiments carried out with them are helping to better understand how atoms and electrons behave in materials. ► Read more...

A fish farm for the garden

There is enough room - even on the tiniest patch of earth. This is the principle behind the "urban gardening" movement in cities. And the sustainable fish farm for your own garden, developed by start-up AquaCubes, also invokes this principle. ► Read more...

Access to Art

The university and art have a long tradition together. Discover it at the Kunsthalle zu Kiel. ► Read more...