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In the heart of the city

The Seeburg on the Kiellinie promenade should become an event centre for encounters with science. The close exchange between university and society is a key part of the CAU's application in the competition for the title of "University of Excellence".

There is hardly a better place in Kiel to bring together science and citizens: directly on the fjord, in close proximity to numerous museums, a Sunday walk or a trip ashore from one of the nearby cruise ships can easily be combined with a visit to the Seeburg... ► Read more...

Career boost for postdocs

Kiel University is introducing a paradigm change in the support it gives early career researchers: the goal is for maximum freedom and individual support to bring the best ideas to the fjord and create career prospects. ► Read more...


Dear readers,

After three years of intensive preparation, it is finally time - on 1 and 2 April, 21 international evaluators will be conducting a detailed examination of Kiel University's ideas and concepts for a modern University of Excellence. We have prepared ourselves very well for the inspection. Thousands of hours of thinking, discussion and significant investment for the future by the university and the state have flowed into the CAU's application to become a University of Excellence with the title KIEL UNIVERSITY INTERFACES. It was intensive, arduous, sometimes exhausting - but ultimately hopefully also worth the effort. Around 130 university members, state representatives and members of affiliated institutes and facilities will represent our future vision together at the start of April.

If we are successful, we can continue on Kiel University's successful path of lived interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary science with great momentum. The chances don't look bad. We don't have to be afraid of the comparison with the other universities' concepts. You can read exactly how we want to continue developing the university if we are successful in this focal edition. Fingers crossed that Schleswig-Holstein manages to pass the sparks of our enthusiasm onto the evaluators. I hope you enjoy reading the unizeit articles!

Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University

Nanostructures from whey protein

Dr Julia Keppler uses all the tools of food technology in order to get whey protein to produce emulsions or ultra-thin films. She is presenting her project at the Hannover Messe ► Read more...

Loss of home, community and recognition

The construction of the gigantic Belo Monte hydro­electric power plant in Brazil forced thousands of people to relocate. The Kiel geographer Dr Sören Weißermel has investigated the process of expro­priation and its consequences. ► Read more...

University under construction

The construction of the gigantic Belo Monte hydroelectric power plant in Brazil forced thousands of people to relocate. The Kiel geographer Dr Sören Weißermel has investigated the process of expropriation and its consequences. ► Read more...