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Energy from the exhaust pipe

The Humboldt Research Award enables scientists from around the world to conduct research in Germany, together with their colleagues. On materials, for example, that convert excess heat into usable energy.

When you zoom along the Autobahn on a warm summer’s day with maybe 180 km/hr, then your exhaust pipe is going to heat up very quickly, while the outside air temperature remains a comfortable 24 degrees. “We don't do anything with this temperature difference - this energy is not used," says Wolfgang Bensch, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry... ► Read more...

Growing together

The new »Kiel Plant Center« at Kiel University focuses on the development of strategies to promote food security and sustainable plant protection. As a first step, the network arranged a symposium for the end of July on plant health and environmental interactions. ► Read more...


Dear readers,

Post-Kieler Woche is pre-decision for the University of Excellence. 19 July is the date we are waiting for - this is when an international Scientific Committee, Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek and the states will decide, after a selection procedure that lasted three years, which eleven German universities will be able to bear the coveted title of "University of Excellence". Our inspection in April went extremely well. The evaluators were very keen on the KIEL UNIVERSITY INTERFACES concept. We are still in the running and are waiting excitedly to see the outcome.

Beyond major science policy, a university like the CAU lives and breathes science in all its aspects, every day. The diverse range of this unizeit's topics covers unconditional basic incomes, Danish as a neighbour language, trips to India, as well as seminars on sustainability and the Kiel Week of Mathematics. The next edition will be the 100th anniversary. A great opportunity to look back over the topics from the past 18 years of unizeit. But for now - I hope you enjoy reading the articles in this 99th edition.

Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University

The world is full of solutions

Doomsday scenarios often dominate discussions in the media about the climate and ecological crises. By contrast, “shaping the future sustainably” is the motto in the forward-looking approach of the PerLe project for successful teaching and learning. ► Read more...

Working together to dismantle barriers

Four years ago, CAU teachers, employees and students jointly developed an action plan for the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). unizeit took a look at measures that have already been implemented. ► Read more...

Water protection with grassland

Substances such as nitrogen or phosphorus are nutrients when they are absorbed by plants, but pollutants when they are released into groundwater. Under scientific observation, grasslands are being used as natural filters at a biogas plant near Strande. ► Read more...