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Dear readers,

We’ve done it! Our university has achieved success in the German Excellence Strategy – with two Clusters, major joint research projects over several faculties and with our partners. The past months and years have produced incredible achievements by all those involved, and placed Schleswig-Holstein on the world map of cutting-edge research.

The Clusters all have their interdisciplinary approach, selected to address significant social issues, in common. Interfaces – Integrative researching in productive contact-SPACES – this is the instrument which opens up our door to the university-wide status of Excellence. Open, connected and interdisciplinary: we now want to further develop this idea and sustainably implement it. I am convinced that cutting-edge research must lead to top class teaching. With fresh wind in our sails from the Cluster success, I look forward to resolutely tackling the next stages, together with all members of the university and our partners. We are facing more exciting months and years to come. I hope you enjoy reading the latest unizeit articles!

Prof. Dr Lutz Kipp
President of Kiel University
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