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Celebrations on the horizon!

October 5th 2015 will mark the 350th founding day of Kiel University, an occasion, which the university plans to celebrate with a series of events. The preparations actually started exactly 350 days prior to the beginning of the jubilee year with a media campaign and the launch of an anniversary website:

In 2015, major events are to follow. One of the most important ones is a very personal contri­bution: Friends and members of Kiel University can state their connection to Kiel University in any way they like. In 350 and more stories, the jubilee committee hopes to show who the people at Kiel University are, what moves the institution and what part it can play in shaping future society. Special events, striking experiences, impulses given or received, favourite locations, times or persons – contributions of any personal or social highlights are very welcome! Texts, pictures and videos can be submitted. The festivities will start in January. The University Week will initiate the anniversary celebrations. Concerts, the jubilee ball, the annual reception, a jubilee service and a fair will set the festive mood for the jubilee year. For May, a summer festival around the main lecture hall is in planning. During the winter semester 2015/2016, there will be a lecture series on the university‘s history and future.

All friends and members of Kiel University are invited to participate in the planning process as well as in the jubilee itself. Kiel’s alumni can play a particularly active role in the jubilee – they are called to join in the well-established tradition to become patrons. Catherine the Great, Charlotte Hegewisch and – more recently – Professor Frederick Paulsen and Gabriele Wachtholz are just a few of the generous patrons who have helped Kiel University become the northern light it is today. Donations of materials, services or networks are welcome, as is political or ideal support, along with financial aid for a specific project or general donations to the jubilee. And in its jubilee year Kiel University would like to create the 350th scholarship for students. Contributions to the scholarship fund can also be made.

Ann-Christin Wimber
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