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Combined competence in the north

Research beyond disciplines and boundaries is the aim of a cooperation established between Kiel University, the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) in Odense, as well as the Universities of Aarhus and Hamburg. They created the fund “Stella Polaris Universities” for launching projects and collab orations between Danish and German scientists, so-called “seed money”. It reimburses costs for workshops, symposia or travel. Each year, the partners put 200,000 Euros into the common fund.

One of the projects launched was conceived and initiated by Professor Erla Hallsteinsdóttir (SDU Odense) and Jörg Kilian, Professor of German phil ology and didactics of German at Kiel University. Within the framework of the project “Collaboration in German Study and Language – interdisciplinary research of stereo types”, a cooper ation of the universities in Kiel, Odense and Aarhus, the re searchers “want to strengthen co operation in research”, states Kilian. “We are also interested in exchanging scientific findings and fostering the exchange of students.”

During a first symposium in 2013, German and Danish researchers came to gether in Odense. This had the function of a sounding meeting, in order to establish the grounds for possible future collaboration. It generated topics such as potential interdisciplinary research projects, joint publications and common areas in teaching and learn ing, such as summer schools.

“This get-together of scientists from various areas creates the possibility to share views and thoughts, and to re ceive input on current scientific topics”, says Kilian. A second symposium was held in March at Kiel University; it put the focus on common perspectives in research into stereotypes. “If we take an interdisciplinary approach, we will be able to achieve extensive scientific results”, the professor stresses. In the future, Kiel will see a lively exchange between the four Northern universities and particularly between disciplines dealing with language, culture and stereotypes.

Ann-Christin Wimber
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