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Keep on rolling

New skating park

Foto: Sebastian Maas

A top-class skating park was opened by Skate Kiel e.V. and Kiel University in August. What makes it so special? The lion‘s share of the work was voluntarily completed by the skaters, pro bono, and financed by donations. The skating park gave the university a welcome opportunity to create something new: next to the skating area, a dilapidated platform was soon to be demolished. The funds that were originally planned for this task were able to be used to improve and expand the skating park instead. The platform was ‚incorporated‘ into the skating park there and then, and a concrete skate-able surface was built over the top. Skaters now benefit from a lot more curves and slopes, and the park also has a beginner‘s course.

For those without a bike or a car - you can also get to the park on the 50/51, 60S and 81 buses. The project was partially funded by Kiel University and from donations. The „Support“ skating shop in Kiel alone contributed over 40,000 Euros. The next stage is being planned already, due to the large volume of interest: “Next year at the latest is when we want to expand the park yet again and smooth out the wrinkles”, says Helge Bachmann, the owner of Support and major donor, “but for now we want to do some skating.” (sma)
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