Welcome to the
Department of Evolutionary Ecology and Genetics

We are interested in understanding the process of evolution, including the underlying ecological and genetic mechanisms. We focus on host-microbe interactions and study host-pathogen coevolution, bacterial adaptation to antibiotics, the evolution of host immunity, and host-microbiota co-adaptation. Our teaching activities encompass courses for both Bachelor and Master curriculum in the fields of ecology, evolution, immunology, and genomics. Our department is a member of Kiel Life Science, the Excellence Cluster Inflammation at Interfaces, the DFG priority programme SPP 1399 on Host-Parasite Coevolution, and the International Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Evolutionary Biology. We are centrally involved in the Kiel University Master in Molecular Biology and Evolution (MAMBE) and support the European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB).

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