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    UnivIS University Information Systems
    Zoology Zoological Institute
    Biology Section of Biology
    CAU Main University Webpage
    Inflammation Excellence cluster Inflammation at Interfaces
    Ocean Excellence cluster Future Ocean
    Library University Library
    International International Center
    Safety Safety pages
    Kiel town Kiel city guide
    Kiel tourist Kiel city guide
    Kiel magazine Kiel city guide
    Kiel harbour Kiel city guide
    Nordclick Immonet Flats in Kiel
    Easy-WG Flats in Kiel
    Immobilienscout 24 Flats in Kiel
    ImmoWelt Flats in Kiel

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    Evolution, Ecology, and related stuff

    Evoldir Newsgroup on evolutionary biology, including announcement of conferences and job offers
    ESEB Homepage of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology
    SMBE Homepage of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution
    SSE Society for the Study of Evolution
    SG Evolbio Studiengruppe Evolutionsbiologie der DZG
    GfBS Gesellschaft für biologische Systematik
    Tree of Life Tree of Life Homepage; multi-authored internet project on biodiversity and phylogeny
    EvoTutor Online resource for interactive simulations of evolutionary processes
    Darwin The complete work of Charles Darwin online
    EvoBio Portal for Evolutionary Biology in Germany
    Biological Dictionary Dictionary of Biology; only accessible from within the university
    Leo English-German Dictionary by the University of Munich
    Leo (french) French-German Dictionary by the University of Munich

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    Worm sites

    Wormbase All you ever want to know about C. elegans genes, strains, material
    Wormbook An online book with up-to-date details on C. elegans biology
    C. elegans Net Newsgroup on C. elegans research
    Félix strains Natural nematode isolates maintained at the lab of Marie-Anne Félix
    C. elegans Sanger Infos on C. elegans at the Sanger Centre
    RNAi Fire Infos on RNAi from the Fire lab
    Microarrays Kim Infos on microarrays from the Kim lab
    SNP database Database on SNP distribution in the C. elegans genome
    Worm atlas Fascinating pictures of the anatomy of the worm
    Worm movies Some films on C. elegans
    C. elegans II Basic book on C. elegans biology Main webpage on nematodes of the genus Pristionchus
    Wikionchus Wiki-page on Pristionchus

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    Microbe sites

    Stock centre Infos on the biology of BT and strains
    BT toxin Nomenclature of BT toxins
    BT page Bacillus page of Vincent Sanchis
    Pseudomonas Pseudomonas Genome Database
    Bacteriology Textbook on Bacteriology
    Staph. aureus Staph. aureus Database
    Staph. aureus genome Staph. aureus Genome Sequencing
    Staph. aureus genome Staph. aureus Genome at Sanger
    E. coli K12 E. coli K12 Genome Database
    E. coli genome E. coli Genome Project in Wisonsin
    Colibri E. coli Genome Server, Institut Pasteur
    E. coli K12 E. coli K12 Database

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    Biol Letters Biology Letters
    BMC-Evol Biol BMC-Evolutionary Biology
    Curr Biol Current Biology
    Ecology Ecology
    Ecol Lett Ecology Letters
    Evolution Evolution
    Genetics Genetics
    Heredity Heredity
    J Evol Biol Journal of Evolutionary Biology
    MBE Molecular Biology and Evolution
    Mol Ecol Molecular Ecology
    Nature Nature
    Nature Genetics Nature Genetics
    Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Genetics
    Oecologia Oecologia
    Oikos Oikos
    PLoS Biol Public Library of Science - Biology
    PLoS Genet Public Library of Science – Genetics
    PLoS Path Public Library of Science – Pathogens
    PNAS Proceedings of the National Academy of Science U. S. A.
    Proc R Soc Lond Proceedings of the Royal Society London, Biological Series
    Science Science
    TREE Trends in Ecology and Evolution
    Trends in Genetics Trends in Genetics
    University Library Webpage of the University Library of Kiel
    E-library List of journals with online access in Kiel
    PubMed National Library of Medicine's search service
    Google Scholar Google Literature search machine
    WoS Web of Science

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    Jobs & Funding


    If you want the latest on positions in evolutionary biology in Germany (mainly for Ph.D. and postdocs) ask , University of Trier, to put you on the mailing list of the Studiengruppe Evolutionsbiologie of the Deutsche Zoologische Gesellschaft. Most positions in Germany in this field are posted on this list.


    If you are looking for an international job in evolutionary biology (spanning all biological disciplines) check the biggest Email director in evolutionary biology: Whether you are looking for a postdoc or postgraduate position, courses, permanent and tenure-track faculty positions, it's all there.

    Webpages with information on jobs in biology Bio-Jobs in Germany Evoldir Webpage PhD-positions, primarily in the UK Research Gate

    Important organisations

    DFG German Science Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft)
    DAAD German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Auslandsdienst)
    BMBF Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung)
    EU 1 EU-funding, German link
    Cordis (EU 2) EU-funding, main link, in German
    Cordis (EU 3) EU-funding, main link, in English
    VW Volkswagen-Foundation
    Bifonds Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds
    Stifterverband Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft (Association for German Science Foundations, including information on the Gottlieb-Daimler-und-Karl-Benz-Stiftung)
    AvH Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
    Studienstiftung Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes (German National Merit Foundation)
    FES Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
    BOELL Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung
    FNST Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung
    KAS Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung

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    Molecular Evolution

    Molecular evolution and phylogenetic analysis

    PAUPSTAR Paup* (written by David Swofford), one of the most sophisticated software packages for the inference of evolutionary trees
    PHYLIP Program package PHYLIP by John Felsenstein; the site also includes a detailed list of links to other phylogenetic analysis programs
    Z Yang Homepage of Ziheng Yang, author of the Sequence analysis program PAML; link to PAML-Homepage is included
    Goldman group Homepage of of the Biological Sequence Analysis Group of Nick Goldman, including links to a variety of methods used in the analysis of molecular data (e.g. program PASSML)
    EvolBio Oxford Homepage of the Evolutionary Biology Group from Oxford University, including links to various programs for the analysis of molecular evolution (e.g. PLATO, CAIC, SeqGen, TipDate, Genie)
    Hyphy Program for comprehensive analysis of sequence evolution by Sergei Kosakovsky, Spencer Muse, Simon Frost, and Art Poon
    Huelsenbeck Homepage of John Huelsenbeck's group, including software such as MrBayes, Codonbootstrap, Siminator
    MEP Molecular Evolution and Phylogenetics? Page by Masatoshi Nei, Sudhir Kumar, and co-workers, including links to phylogenetic analysis programs such as MEGA or LINTREE
    R Page Homepage of Rod Page, author of various programs, highly useful in molecular phylogenetics (e.g. TreeView, Component, TreeMap)
    PHYML Fast program for the inference of phylogenetic trees from DNA and protein sequences using maximum likelihood, written by Stéphane Guindon and Olivier Gascuel
    PUZZLE The PUZZLE - phylogenetic analysis program, developed by Korbinian Strimmer and Arndt von Haeseler
    Modeltest Program by David Posada and Keith Crandall that aids in the comparison of different substitution models using likelihood ratio tests
    ProtTest Program by David Posada et al. that helps to identify the optimal substitution model for protein sequences
    DAMBE Data Analysis in Molecular Biology and Evolution, a multi-purpose program by Xuhua Xia

    Molecular evolution and population genetic analysis

    IBDWS Isolation by distance Web service (Mantel test for codominant markers or DNA sequence data)
    LAMARCK The LAMARCK program package, containing maximum likelihood methods for population genetic analysis of DNA sequences (e.g. Migrate, Fluctuate)
    Arlequin Arlequin, program for population genetic analysis of molecular data
    MSA Microsatellite analyser; program by Daniel Dieringer and Christian Schlötterer
    DNASP DNASP, program for population genetic analysis of molecular data
    Cervus Program by Tristan Marchall for the analysis of microsatellite data
    PopGene Program by Francis Yeh for population genetic analysis
    network Phylogenetic network analysis program by Arne Röhl

    Sequence alignment and editing

    BioEdit Useful program for Sequence Editing
    T-Coffee Efficient DNA and protein sequence alignment program
    ClustalW DNA sequence alignment program, run by EBI (EMBL)

    Molecular data bases and resources

    EBI European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL outstation), including databases for DNA and protein sequences, and also software for the analysis of molecular data
    SRS Direct link to the databases of EMBL (DNA, Protein, etc.), including database search machine
    Webin Submission of DNA sequence data to EMBL database
    rRNA Server Comprehensive database on ribosomal RNA gene sequences
    BiBiServ Bielefeld University Bioinformatics Server with links to various molecular data analysis programs (e.g. SplitsTree)
    BioWeb Pasteur Server of the Institut Pasteur; France, with on-line programs for molecular data analysis
    ncbi National Center for Biotechnology Information; American site including access to genbank and PubMed
    ncbi-search NCBI page for sequence search
    ncbi-blast NCBI page for BLAST search
    methds-reagnts Newsgroup on molecular methods
    Molbio-evolution Newsgroup on molecular evolution, phylogenetic and population genetic analysis
    Microsatellites Introduction into microsatellite analysis, written by Brent Murray

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