Heinrich Luttmann, Zoologischer Präparator   



A new exhibition entitled "Whales in Schleswig-Holstein" was opened at the Zoological Museum on February 12th 2010. Eleven skeletons of different species are displayd. These skeletons were recruited both from the Zoological Museum and from the large Vertebrate Collection (nearly 34000 skeletons) of our department. Altogether approximately 1550 bones were assembled by our preparator Heinrich Luttmann and his colleague Joachim Oesert in order to make this exhibition possible.

Check out the report by RTL cklicking here.


Weißschnauzendelphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) - Zustand vor der RestaurierungWeißschnauzendelphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) - während der RestaurierungGroßer Tümmler (Tursiops truncatus) - Montage der WirbelsäuleSchwertwal (Orcinus orca) - Montage der Flossen

Delphinus delphis  

Grampus griseus   condition before starting restoration