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Project Management

Project management and exploitation/dissemination plans

The mission of the Partnership is to bring together the critical mass of European scientists to achieve a break through in the quest for understanding and therapy of an inherited disease for which there is no therapy today, and thereby also contribute to such a progress for other similar and likewise incurable diseases. To reach this ambitious goal the workpackages of the project are closely linked and a successful outcome depends upon the close collaboration of the two SME´s and eight academic partners. Some of the partners have or are currently working together on different collaborative projects ensuring the smooth knowledge exchange and rapid integration of the respective expertise of all partners. There will be an intensive feedback communication between the participants not only on the research level but also on the technological development, innovation and exploitation of the results.

Management structure

Project Management

The overall management structure will promote and strengthen the ties between these partners. Below is explained how the partners will interact with each other and with the European Commission. The relationship between all partners will be fixed in a Consortium Agreement, based on the following principles. The initial organisation structure shall comprise the following:

The Project Coordination Committee (PCC) will act as the decision making body for the Project. Each Participant will nominate one representative to the Project Coordination Committee with due authorisation to discuss, negotiate and decide on actions proposed by the Co-ordinator or to accept recommendations made by the PCC within the frame of its responsibilities. Moreover the scientific team leaders of each Participant will form a part of the Project Coordination Committee having the same rights and obligations as the representatives of each Participant . The decisions of the Project Coordination Committee will be binding to all Participant in the Project-related matters which will be clearly constituted in the Consortium Agreement.

Project Coordination Committee: Paul Saftig, Jens Fogh, Lillan Rejkjaer, Rudi d´Hooge, Jobst Landgrebe, Ed Wraith, Michael Beck, Jiri Zeman, Dag malm, Oivind Nilssen and Jean Claude Michalski Meetings of the PCC will be held on invitation of the Co-ordinator at least twice during each reporting period (each 9 months). Extraordinary meetings may be called at any other time at the request of its chairperson or at the request of a quarter (¼) of the Participant. The PCC can set up Panels such as Technical, Technology, Scientific or Financial to advise and support the Co-ordinator in the proper management and coordination of the Project. These Panels will have an advisory role only. The first meeting of the PCC (Kick-off Meeting of the Project) will take place at the latest one month after the effective starting date (“start date”) as stated in Art. 4.2 of the Contract.

A mid term review of the progress of the project may be instigated by the Commission services and organised by the Co-ordinator and representatives of all participants. The Commission may be assisted by external experts who shall be subject to confidentiality agreements. In case such as review will be performed, it shall take place between months 16 and 24 of the project. The Commission services HUE-MAN - Annex I- re-revised- Proposal No: 018692 Page 17 of 107 and the Co-ordinator will agree upon the date and the agenda for the review at least two months in advance.