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Work Packages

The particular role of work packages

Our workpackages carefully reflect the interior structure and strategies of our research. Each WP is framed by specific inherent scientific question and interactions of the partners. Each WP is regularly controlled by a responsible partner who reviews the progress by a written report to the management and all other partners. The distribution of money and funding of the partners carefully considers the individual participation into a given WP.

Work phases

It is the particular structure of HUE-MAN that it consists of a gradually step by step development of given goals. Therefore, the HUE-MAN consortium is aware to secure the output. The management obligates all partners to immediately report about problems or obstacles and the management takes care that the problem is efficiently discussed in time by all partners in order to reach solutions as soon as possible.

No.Work PackageLead Participant No.Start MonthEnd Month
1Enzyme replacement therapy studies in the mouse model1136
2Biochemical, histological and immunological analysis of alpha mannosidase knockout mice1436
3Behavioural abnormalities in mouse alpha mannosidosis3424
4Effect on CNS pathology and behaviour after treatment of human LAMAN31336
5Epigenetic influence of ERT in the mouse model4136
6Natural history study of human patients with alpha-mannosidosis2b136
7Development of the oligosaccharide analyses, Oligosaccharide analysis of patients urine and serum samples9730
8Mutation database, genetic epidemiology of human alpha mannosidosis8b136
9Production of human LAMAN2a136
10Documentation and result manage-ment of the natural history study1/2b736
11Coordination and management1136
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