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If you travel by train , you'll get off at Kiel Central Station (Kiel Hauptbahnhof or Kiel Hbf) and walk in the direction of travel. Turn left at the end of the tracks (Kiel Central Station is a dead-end station) and leave the station. The bus stops are just in front of you (Click on either link to go to the respective com­pa­ny's websites for more information).

You can buy a bus ticket from the bus driver. It costs 2,40 €, cash only. For paying, please use coins or a 10-Euro bill at most, a 20-Euro-bill might as well do.

On Saturdays and Sundays, you need to take:

On weekdays, you can also take bus line 60S (bus stop A2, direction "Botanischer Garten" or "Leibnizstr."); this line departs heading north, i.e. to the right.

In any of the above cases you have to step out at the bus stop named "Universität" in the Olshausenstraße (see the map above, the "H" signs denote bus stops). When you get off the bus, look left and you'll see a long brick building having a gateway (with a boom gate and currently scaffolded) as the main entrance to this part of the campus. Go through the gateway into Rudolf-Höber-Straße. The Otto Meyerhof building (house no. 1) is just on your left. In order to get to the Eduard Buchner building, go around the Otto Meyerhof building: follow the Rudolf-Höber-Straße, then turn left, then left again, and after about 30 m you'll see it on your right (house no. 9).

Another option on weekdays is to take bus line No. 91 (bus stop B1, the directions differ depending on the respective final destination: "Holtenau", "Friedrichsort" and/or "Wik, Herthastraße"; this line departs heading north, i.e. to the right). The bus stop where you have to step out is named "Universität/Westring". It is located at the crossing of Westring and Olshausenstraße (see the map above). From there, it is a 200-meter walk to the Biochemical Institute. When you get off the bus, go back to the crossing, turn right and cross the Westring. Walk down Olshausenstraße until you reach the gateway mentioned above on your right. See the further description above.

Map of the Bus Stops at Kiel Central Station

Location of the bus stops at Kiel central station

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If you travel by car, stay on the motorway A215 until you reach Kiel. At the end of the motorway, at the traffic light, turn left into Westring and continue until you reach the crossing of Westring and Olshausenstrasse. Right before this crossing where you need to turn left you see an oddly shaped building (the University Church) with many stained-glass windows (see a picture here External Link, photo by Genet, licence: CC BY-SA 3.0) on the left. At the crossing, turn left into Ols­hau­sen­stras­se. After approx. 100 m you'll see a brick arch (a gateway) on your right, the main entrance to the campus. It might be difficult, but park your car somewhere in that area, since you are not permitted to drive through the arch. Walk then through it into Rudolf-Höber-Strasse. The Otto-Meyerhof-Building is just on your left. In order to get to the Eduard-Buchner-Building, go around the Otto-Meyerhof-Building: follow the Rudolf-Höber-Strasse, then turn left, then left again, and after about 30 m you'll see it on your right.


If you travel by plane your destination will be Hamburg Airport. In order to get to Kiel, once you are in Hamburg, you should take the "Kielius " bus. The bus leaves in front of the airport building, between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, usually once per hour (see the time table on the Kielius website). A one-way ticket costs about 22 Euros (cash only). The terminal stop will be at the Central Bus Station (Kiel ZOB), close to Kiel Central Station. You can ask the bus driver to order you a taxi via radio. Or you walk to Kiel Central Station and take a bus there to get to our institute.
The ZOB is located between two streets, a broad one (Kaistrasse), closer to the Kiel Fjord, and a narrow one (Auguste-Viktoria-Strasse). Go to the narrow street, turn left and walk straight on. You will walk past the Hotel Atlantic, cross the Raiffeisenstrasse and finally reach the station square in front of Kiel Central Station. Turn right there and walk to the bus stops you should be seeing by now. Please refer to section "Train" above where the bus lines are described.

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