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Mitochondriale RNA Prozessierung
Siegel der Fakultät
Abteilung für Botanische Genetik und Molekularbiologie
Prof. Dr. Frank Kempken

Mitochondrial RNA processing

The processes of transcription and other forms of RNA modifications in higher plant mitochondria are very complex. Only a few mitochondrial genes are known to be co-transcribed, and many are thought to have multiple promoters regulating their transcription. Transcripts are often processed at their 5´ and 3´ ends and most mitochondrial transcripts are also subject to RNA editing and RNA splicing. Partially edited or partially spliced transcripts can be detected in mitochondrial RNA preparations.

We have developed an in organello system which we use to study higher plant RNA processing. This system was used to analyze different genes for splicing and RNA editing. We also introduced in vitro synthesized RNA which was spliced and edited. Large scale deletions in cox2 led to a loss of alsmost all RNA editing sites.

Currently we work on two P-type mitochondrial PPR proteins in A. thaliana. One PPR appears to be required for cox2 translation and the other PPR is involved in flowering time determination.

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    (A) RNA editing in higher plant mitochondria; (B) sequence of fully edited RNA; (C) partially edited RNA

    Mitochondrial localization of PPR protein

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