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Handout Creation - Handout upload - Handout withdraw - Invited speakers

Authors of accepted abstracts or invited speakers may publish "handouts" as PDF files
in the online programme of the Meeting:

This option may be attractive to present more information as are published in the abstracts, you may show additional images, tables as you want.

  • This may help interested conference attendees to better prepare for your presentation.
  • The handouts are published in the internet and readable for everyone.
  • This action is optional and free for the authors.
  • The handouts will not be edited by the organizers.
  • There is no deadline to submit your handouts.
  • At any time before the begin of your presentation in Sevilla you may upload, withdraw or replace your handout.
We assume that
  • Poster presenters may show their whole poster > Example
  • Authors of oral presentations give additional information (including images even in colour ),
    but they should not use the abstract as a handout , since it is already provided in the programme.
  • Invited speakers (without abstracts) may publish the essence of their presentation (including images)

Creating handouts

  • The required format is a PDF file
  • On *MS Windows* you may use Acrobat Professional or a PDF printer driver. There are free printer drivers, such as: PDFCreator
  • With *MacOS* PDF output is part of the system.

Uploading handouts

Please log in as the submitter of the abstract:
Your submitted abstracts are listed. For the accepted oral presentations and posters you can first select and then upload handouts (one at a time):

Once you have clicked the button
an icon for the handout will appear next to the icon for the abstract in the

A click on the icons in the online programme will open the handout or abstract.

Withdrawing or replacing handouts

By loging in as the submitter of the abstract, you may withdraw a handout, and replace it by another one if you want.

Invited speakers

Invited speakers, who did not submit abstracts, but want to participate in this new action:
We would be grateful, if you upload your pdf-handout to our server by
  1. logging into
  2. reveive your password by selecting the button [please send my password by e-mail]
  3. login into with your e-mail and password
  4. follow the instructions to select the file on your computer and upload it to our server.
If you are for any reason unable to follow these instructions, please feel free to send your pdf-file to:

I hope that this procedure allows you to adequately submit your handout. Please report any troubles you may find, I'm happy to help.

Klaus Moldenhauer
Kinderherzzentrum Schleswig-Holstein, D-24105 Kiel, Germany
phone: +49 431 979 969 14 or mobile: +49 177 50 22 818

for the Abstract Handling of the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology