SEA-EU Virtual Teaching Collaborations

Are you interested in disseminating your research work?
Are you interested in creating impact?
Are you seeking international teaching experience?

Our SEA-EU Virtual Teaching Collaborations activity is what you are looking for!

SEA-EU, the European University of the Seas, has developed a pilot action to foster virtual mobility in teaching among the alliance members. Internationalisation in teaching can thus be achieved through bi-lateral collaborations.

We are calling on motivated post-docs, lecturers, researchers, or professors from Kiel who would be willing to deliver a mini-course, based on their research-topics (research-oriented teaching). While the choice of topics is open, it is useful to keep it general and introductory.

A matching process will take place to fit the proposed course content (from Kiel) into existing and already-accredited courses/modules at 1 of the other 5 SEA-EU partner universities (Brest, Cadiz, Gdansk, Split, Malta).

Basic characteristics:

  • The exchange is virtual and is 1-way
  • Propose a course content of 4 hours, as far as possible targeted at Bachelor level
  • Language of instruction is open, but English is preferred
  • As a pilot action, the exchange is voluntary

Benefits for those involved:
Experience “virtual mobility in teaching”, which is complementary to the classical physical mobility.

For you, as guest-lecturer: Teaching experience; Internationalisation; Possibility to network with the host lecturer (research topics); Contribute to outreach and dissemination of research activities; Contribute to impact of research

For the host-lecturer: Exchange; Invigorate teaching material; Networking

For the students: Internationalisation at home; Receive research-oriented and up-to-date course content

How to participate?

1.    Read the Guidelines

2.    Fill out the Application Form (course content proposal)

3.    Send it to Miriam Beneragama ( by 25 March 2021.

For more information:
Jonathan Durgadoo, SEA-EU Coordinator (
Franziska Werner, Interdisciplinary Master School of Marine Sciences (