Platforms and networks

KiNSIS a proven track-record in successful interdisciplinary collaborative research, a combined broad interdisciplinary expertise and a modern research infrastructure in materials design, experimental analytics, and theoretical/computational research. Together with a close network of external partner institutions with world-leading know-how and technologies this builds a strong fundament for the work of the members of KiNSIS, for innovative collaborations and for excellent research in Northern Germany.

Frau im Labor

CAU facilities

Example projects of methods used in collaboration

Within the network of KiNSIS a huge variety of methods and facilities from different disciplines and working groups are used.
Have a look at these examples for interdisciplinary collaborations to find out if a method can help to answer your scientific question or how to get access to a facility:

Photoelectron spectroscopy at DESY

Gitanjali Kolhatkar is studying the fundamental mechanisms of ferroelectric materials. Alena Nierhauve is working with self-developed instruments on photoelectron spectroscopy at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron). Together they discussed how to optimize the material composition with the help of ASPHERE III" - an angle-, spin-, and position-resolving photoelectron spectrometer at DESY.