10th Future Ocean Network Event: Exchange about opportunities for Marine Science in Kiel

Insight into the planned RTG (research training group) IRENE – “Interrelated natural REsources and institutional chaNgE: Oceans, atmosphere & climate change”



Prof. Ralph Schneider, Co-Speaker of the Future Ocean Network,
Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University / Director Kiel Marine Science (KMS)


Short presentations (5-10 min each)

„Interrelated natural commons and management considerations”
Prof. Marie-Catherine Riekhof, Professor for Political Economy of Resource Management, Center for Ocean and Society, Kiel Marine Science (KMS), Kiel University

„Cooperating on global natural resources – how can we represent interlinkages to enhance governance”
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kornek, Professor for Environmental and Resource Economics

„Trade-offs and uncertainties in earth system models”
Prof. Dr. Andreas Oschlies, Professor of “Marine Biogeochemical Modelling", GEOMAR

Open discussion / Round Table on the Question

Interrelated commons: Examples and Significance

About the objectives of the research training group to be applied for:
Humans are impacting the global ecosystem in significant, damaging and often irreversible ways, and it is so far unclear how to better manage natural resources when taking their interlinkages into account. Based on an inter- and transdisciplinary approach, the Research Training Group IRENE aims at educating a new generation of “transformative” scientists to initiate institutional change for integrative, fair and sustainable solutions for our natural resources.

The Event is open to all interested in Kiel Marine Science.

19th August 2022, 11:00 to 12:30 h
in person event (ZOOM attendance on request)
Location: CeOS Seminar Room, Neufeldtstraße 10, 24118 Kiel

Please indicate whether you would like to participate in person or virtually by email: office@futureocean.org
Please make your choice until 14th August 2022.

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