9th Future Ocean Network Event: Exchange about opportunities for Marine Science in Kiel

An interdisciplinary look at marine geohazards: „Submarine landslides in Europe, an underestimated threat to offshore infrastructure?



Prof. Ralph Schneider, Co-Speaker of the Future Ocean Network,

Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University / Director Kiel Marine Science (KMS)


Dr. Felix Gross & Dr. Svenja Karstens, Institute of Geosciences / Center for Ocean and Society



Short presentations (5-10 min each)

„Key factors triggering submarine landslides and potential ensuing geohazards, e.g. tsunamis“
Prof. Sebastian Krastel, Marine Geophysics, Institute of Geosciences, Kiel University

„Challenges regarding monitoring and future outlook"
Prof. Heidrun Kopp,GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel

„Some reflections on risk governance and individual risk-taking”
Prof. Marie-Catherine Riekhof, Center for Ocean and Society, Kiel Marine Science (KMS), Kiel University

„Local and cultural dimensions in risk analysis and importance of interdisciplinary research”
Prof. Silja Klepp, Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas, Kiel University


Open discussion

Round Table on the Question: How would YOU approach the subject and where do you see the biggest challenge?

About the ambition of the Future Ocean funded Project FON 2020-04 (Multi-dimensional Ocean Hazard Risk Assessement):
Studies on ocean hazard analysis and their magnitude and frequency relationship have been primarily written by natural science researchers, often ignoring societal issues. However, societal risk and vulnerability assessments conversely often fail to adequately consider the physical and geological complexity of hazards. In this interdisciplinary project, scientists from geology, geophysics, geography, economics and the social sciences are working on a comprehensive consideration of marine natural hazards and their impact on society in the example region of southern Italy. The research work is designed in such a way that findings and results can be scaled and transferred to other regions.


The Event is open to all interested in Kiel Marine Science.

Please inform us, if you like to attend the meeting in person or online by sending a mail to: info@futureocean.org

© Felix Gross, CeOS

Submarine eastern flank of the volcano Mount Etna in Sicily. In the Mediterranean earthquakes are among the most common triggers of landslides.