FYORD Retreat 2023

Career Orientation in and outside of academia with application of case studies.

For many early career researchers, it is not entirely clear how to translate their experience and skills gathered through academic work and studies to actual job advertisements or they are not sure how to improve their CV to reach their prospective career goal. The FYORD program aims to inform its members on possibilities on the job market, enhance self-esteem in early career researchers and thus smooth the way towards a successful career inside and outside of academia.

In this year´s FYORD Retreat, four main career paths will be introduced: Academia, Private Sector, Public Sector and Entrepreneurship. Participants will not only learn about what those career paths may contain, but also how to translate skills and experience from real CVs to actual job advertisements in four short workshops. Participants can choose two out of the four workshop topics, since the workshops will be held simultaneously.

Additionally, participants have the opportunity to discuss with their peers and our invited guests, which key competencies are generally needed on the job market and how an academic education provides for them.


Key learnings:

  • What career pahts are there in and outside of academia?
  • Which key competencies are needed in the different career paths and how does an academic background provide those?
  • How can academic CVs be applied to real job advertisements?
  • Which competencies do I already bring into the job market?


Workshop holders:

  • Academia:
    Prof. Malte Prieß - Full Professor and Dean for Business Informatics at Dual University Schleswig-Holstein
  • Private Sector:
    Dr. Wolfgang Weinzierl - Lead Scientist at Baker Hughes
  • Public Sector:
  • Entrepreneurship:
    Pascal Koch - Co-founder of and Project Manager at IMENSUS - Space Resource Exploration, and at Technology Transfer at Kiel University



TimeAgenda Point
9.25hFYORD program – what we do and what will come next
10.00hFour career paths – academia, private sector, public sector, entrepreneurship
10.45hCoffee Break
11.00hWorkshop session 1
12.00hLunch Break
12.45hWorkshop session 2
13.45hKey competencies on the job market
14.30hPlenum discussion – key learnings and what to make out of it
15.00hpresentation of graphic recording and networking (end of official part)
16.30hend of event
Menschen an einem Stehtisch
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The regular FYORD retreats help to build a network between all early career marine researchers in Kiel.

Most Important Information

Registration: FYORD portal under the events till October 04, 2023! Deadline extended
When: October 12, 2023 from 9 am to 3.30 pm
Where: Anscharpark Kiel, Weimarer Str. 6, Conference Room


Christine Haunhorst (FYORD coordinator)