Sex and Gender Aspects in Precision Medicine

Grafik zeigt eine abstrakte Person aus kleinen bunten Elementen

Symposium – presented by the Cluster of Excellence Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation

Panel discussions | poster session | workshop

Every cell has a sex and every person is gendered! This becomes obvious when searching literature. A patient's sex and gender are often neglected factors in healthcare. Many diseases differ in terms of incidence, reported symptoms, diagnostic process, disease progression and response to therapy. Considering sex and gender aspects adds a valuable dimension to research and healthcare. What is the current status of sex-sensitive medicine, especially with regard to chronic inflammation? Why are we still facing an underrepresentation of women in science? Together with top-class experts we want to delve deeper into these questions and explore the potential that sex and gender aspects offer for biomedical research.

Registration: The symposium is open to PMI members and other interested parties. We kindly ask you for registration until October 16th, 2023. Participation is free of charge. Due to limited capacity, we kindly ask for your understanding if we may put you on a waiting list.

Program of the symposium