Solutions for Sustaining Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

International Conference and Workshop – Salzau Castle and Kiel University (June 7th 2010 – June 11th 2010)


The Ecosystem Service Partnership is organizing an international workshop at Salzau Castle to provide methodological, strategic and institutional solutions for the future development and application of the ecosystem service approach. The workshop subjects are focused on four basic themes, which are:

  • Integrated quantification, modelling, and valuing of ecosystem services: How can we measure and evaluate ecosystem services? How can we link ecosystem functions, services and benefits? How can ecosystem services be explicitly linked to human well-being?
  • Accounting for ecosystem services at the landscape level: How can the ecosystem service approach be applied in landscape analysis, landscape planning and landscape management?
  • Adaptive management of ecosystem services: Which supporting tools have to be developed to enhance the applicability of the ecosystem service approach in adaptive management? How can the approach be implemented in management strategies and institutions?
  • Environmental, social and economic trade-offs: How can ecosystem services be evaluated from social and economic points-of-view? Which instruments should be developed to foster these evaluation strategies?