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As competence center of the state, a DFG-registered core facilty and an central instution of Kiel University, we look forward to exploring exciting projects with you. We will discuss with you what is possible and accompany you throughout the entire process, - starting with the legal requirements (e.g. ethics), the actual imaging to the processing and evaluation of the images (contact see right ->). We are happy to publish together and write applications for third-party funding. Our user fees (see below) are often eligible for funding (e.g. from DFG or BMBF), and some of our DFG projects can be found here.

Multimodal in vivo imaging and image analysis

Longitudinal imaging on the same animal not only reduces the number of animals needed, but also improves the quality of the data. In addition, by combining different imaging methods, a wide variety of information can be obtained that can significantly improve preclinical biomarker and drug development. For example, a typical application is the quantification of an intervention or therapy by before/after images.

Currently we offer MRI, CT, ultrasound, photoacoustics, bioluminescence, fluorescence, hyperpolarization, microscopy and histology. On the side of image analysis we use classical methods and artificial intelligence.

Fields of application

We are not restricted to any particular field of application and are open to your project. Studies already performed include gastrointestinal imaging, inflammation, oncology or neuroscience as well as the musculoskeletal field. There are already many models here, and we are closely connected to the central animal facility at CAU. But we have also studied oyster shells or coral cores!

For example, in oncological projects we work closely with the Institute for Experimental Cancer Research and the University Cancer Center, which have outstanding experience in orthotopic xenotransplantation. More than 2000 transplantations with different native tumor cell lines or tumor cell lines expressing either fluorescent proteins or bioluminescent markers have been performed.

Academic and industrial research

We conduct research projects with academic and industrial users (e.g. universities, medical device or pharmaceutical companies). Typically, we agree on a study protocol against which we bill for our services (see User Regulations).Typical examples are imaging for PhD theses, growth curves of tumors, pharmacokinetic profiling, evaluation of new biomarkers or contrast agents and monitoring of therapeutic effects - all these aspects are evaluated non-invasively and longitudinally.


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Brain MRT

We support and advise you personally. Tell us what your project is about. We will then discuss together how imaging can help you achieve your goals.

Are you an established imaging expert who knows what you want? Perfect, then let’s get started!

As a DFG-registered equipment centre, usage fees are often eligible for funding.

Data evaluation


A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes hard numbers are needed, for example, in order to decide which implant works and which does not.

Quantitative evaluation is the key to resolving numerous questions. We support you in obtaining reliable figures from images. We use in-house software, commercial solutions and artificial intelligence to do this.

As a DFG-registered equipment centre, usage fees are often eligible for funding.