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A research team with the contribution of the Cluster of Excellence PMI has identified cell types in the blood that indicate severe disease progression in COVID-19.

Yesterday, the Federal Government and the State Governments agreed on the continuation and partial intensification of the current corona measures that apply since the beginning of November. The corona measures will last until December 20, 2020.

The General Students' Committee is from now on compiling a newsletter, which keeps the most important changes available for students at the moment.

More far-reaching regulations are contained in the current higher education corona ordinance of the state, especially for the obligation to wear a mask.

General information, Health Instruction, Libraries, Examinations

We would like to inform you about the measures and restrictions in our operations which will apply as from Monday 2 November and initially until 30 November 2020, based on the state regulations.

Due to numerous queries we would like to provide you with information on travelling to Kiel from risk areas within Germany as well as conducting business trips.

Night of the Profs and University Ball cancelled

From Monday, September 14, all members and guests of the university are obliged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask on all common areas.

Learning from the past: new publication by Kiel University’s Cluster of Excellence ROOTS

A research team involving the Cluster of Excellence PMI has shown that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can also damage the pancreas

We request that you, the members of the CAU, as well as all of the university’s guests, keep contributing towards maintaining control of the pandemic on site so that we can master the coming winter semester with as few restrictions as possible.

Extended opening hours and online reservation for workstations from August 17

When many people from different regions of the world are coming together, there is generally an increased risk of infection. Please stay alert and also use the information offered for travellers.

Since 29.06., Kiel University offers the opportunity to study online and to prepare for the exams in designated rooms on campus. Update: New rooms added

Overview of the examination phases in this semester for students of the Bachelor and Master programmes. Please note the information and deviating regulations.

Let us demonstrate what the CAU is like: a university that sticks together when it counts! Write to us and tell us which people you would like to thank in your areas and elsewhere at the university.

Research team from Kiel finds gene variants for severe course of Covid-19: The blood group might have an influence on the severity of Covid-19 symptoms

These are primarily intended for employees who do not have the possibility to work at home or who need another workplace on campus due to the distance rules in a multi-occupied office.

The decree of the Ministry of Health, which has been applied on May 18, 2020, no longer demands fundamental closures and bans on university operations, but obliges the universities to set up hygiene concepts.

Public life is to be gradually and cautiously activated, due to current conditions. Information about the effects on the university

The Federal an the State Governments have decided last week to loosen up further restrictions due to the positive development of the corona pandemic.

On May 1, the state government updated its measures to combat the corona virus for the period from May 4 which are valid until May 17. Precondition for each of these possible partial openings is a concrete hygiene plan for the respective event or facility.

Based on the new decrees by the State Government the crisis management team and the University Board have coordinated with the Deans to specify provisions for university operations as from this coming Monday, April 27, 2020.

The procedure for the election of your representatives to the University's Conventions and to the CAU's General Senate has begun. The deadline is Wednesday, June 17, 2020.

The University Board has decided to extend the current measures at the CAU beyond 19 April until 26 April, for the time being.

The federal states have agreed on a common approach for the summer semester 2020 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Please only use VPN access for business purposes to access CAU services that are not publicly available.

Note from the University Board and the Dean's Offices of the CAU

As part of the fight against the new coronavirus, the CAU's University Board is calling out to all institutions, institutes and departments to donate medical resources. This is the result of a request for help from the City of Kiel.

Those who need advice can now contact the university outpatient clinic by telephone.

Note from the University Board of Kiel University

Note from the University Board of Kiel University

In order to protect the employees and to maintain the operability of the CAU's elementary processes, the mailroom may no longer be entered. Entering the main gate is only permitted upon request and individually.

The University Library provides information: During the Corona crisis, some publishers are making some of their e-media services available free of charge for a limited period of time. These are accessible via VPN.

Further regulations for examinations and teaching at the CAU.

Technical questions and answers about VPN and home office

in response to the decrees issued by the Ministry of Health on 12.03.2020 and 14.03.2020, as well as the State Chancellery on 12.03.2020 and 14.03.2020

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Students receive up-to-date information about teaching, examinations and regulations concerning their studies during the Corona Pandemic. Update: Workstations for students

Lecturers receive up-to-date information on teaching and support services during the Corona pandemic. New: Information on the Evaluation of courses in the winter semester 2020/21

Researchers receive up-to-date information on research operations during the corona pandemic. New: Information on the on-site services of the Central Library and the Medical library

Employees receive up-to-date information on duties and rules during the Corona pandemic. New:Job Persons returning or entering from abroad; forms for risk groups and risk assessment

The decrees of the Ministry of Health, the City of Kiel and of the CAU

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