Partial opening of the Central Library (UB) from 7 July, 2020 conditionally limited use as a learning location through the Corona epidemic

Universitätsbibliothek in der »Blauen Stunde«
© Jürgen Haacks, Uni Kiel

In addition to lending and returning print resources, the Central Library of the University (UB) will open on Tuesday, July 7, 2020 with limited access as a learning location: From Monday to Friday, 140 workstations will be made available for individual work in two shifts – from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the morning and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the afternoon. This should enable examination and examination candidates in particular to work in the library again temporarily. The installation of an online reservation system for workstations is still in preparation. As soon as this service can be made available, we will of course inform you!

Please note the following regulations based on the valid distance regulations and contact restrictions:

Access to the building

  • Access to the building is controlled by a security guard in the entrance area. In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned regulations, the guard will refuse access to the building.
  • Every person who enters the building has to wear a face mask, hands have to be disinfected with the disinfectants provided.
  • In addition, at the scanning station in the entrance area every person has to scan the barcode of his CAU Card or its user ID for recording people who are at the library at the same time. This data can be used to identify all persons in the event of a corona infection. The above-mentioned data will be deleted after four weeks.
  • In order to control access to the library, each person takes a red book basket provided in the entrance area. Once all 140 baskets have been issued, no further visitors can be admitted to use workstations.

Working stations

  • The workplaces are located in a designated section of the building, namely on the ground floor of the 3rd segment and in the 4th tract. The way to the workplaces is marked with signs. People who are walking through the building have to wear face masks. The mask can be removed at the workplace.
  •  Since there are no lockers available at the moment, jackets and bags can be taken along.
  • The workplaces are exclusively intended for individual work. One person may sit at each table. The tables are in fixed positions and may not be moved. Chairs may also not be moved.
  • Visitors have to leave the building no later than 12 noon (end of the first shift) or 4.30 pm (end of the second shift). Between 12 noon and 1.30 p.m., cleaning and disinfection of the workplaces will take place. Workplaces cannot be occupied by the morning shift for the afternoon shift.
  • The sanitary facilities in the 3rd and 4th tracts  are available to all patrons.

Leaving the building

  • Temporarily leaving the workplace during a shift of use is allowed. Please be sure that you take your basket of books with yourself if leaving the workplace. It identifies you as person that is authorised to stay in the building. The CAU-Card or the user card will then not be scanned again.
  • When finally leaving the building at the end of a shift at the latest, visitors have to return the red book basket to the entrance area and scan their CAU Card or user ID again.

Currently still not available rooms and services

  • Function rooms: Not available are work booths (incl. book trolleys), Internet workstations (incl. workstation for the visually impaired), photocopying rooms, integrated printers/copiers/scanners, lockers, lifts, staircases, vending machines for drinks and snacks and the Cubar.
  • Book areas (basement, ground floor, 1st floor): The book areas may not be entered. Borrowable books from these areas can still be ordered and collected in the self-collection area under the user number. Reference collections from these areas are not available. Old stock is not issued for use; daily newspapers are not available.
  • Counters: Individual services and information at the service counter and information desk are still not available.


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