Corona update: Specific lockdown regulations for employees of Kiel University

Dear University members,

as already announced we would like to inform you in more detail about the corona regulations for the operation of the University from December 16, 2020 to January 10, 2021 after he „Verordnung über besondere Maßnahmen zur Verhinderung der Ausbreitung des Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 an Hochschulen", in German (pdf) was published today.

Detailed information for students on teaching, examinations and library services has already been sent out in a separate circular.

Reduction of contacts / home office

The aim of the federal state government's current measures is to further restrict contacts in all areas of life in order to minimise the risks of and prevent the infection with the coronavirus. The operation of the University in teaching, research and administration will still not be fundamentally restricted by this. At the "University workplace", however, the possibilities for contact between members of the university are to be further minimised. Where activities and technical conditions permit, work should continue to be done primarily in home office. This always requires the approval of the supervisor.

The presence in the institutes, facilities and administrative units should be limited to activities that can only be carried out on site and organised in such a way that operations can be maintained even in the event of an infection. This applies in particular to critical business processes and infrastructures.

Supervisors should make full use of all organisational measures that enable employees to work their standard working hours. The instruments of working time flexibilisation (staggered work, shift work, home office, reorganisation, etc.) are to be exhausted accordingly, taking into account the hygiene and distance regulations. The existing regulations for persons who belong to a risk group due to pre-existing conditions shall continue to apply unchanged.

Closure of schools and kindergartens

Employees who are affected by the early closure of kindergartens and schools since December 16, 2020 should make use of the existing options for flexible working hours in consultation with their supervisor. Currently, leave of absence can only be granted in justified individual cases, according to the state's guidelines, but the following requirements continue to apply as a matter of priority:

  • If mobile work is possible in addition to childcare, it must be used.
  • Vacation days already granted have priority over any leave of absence.
  • Positive working time balances (overtime, flexitime credits) must be reduced as a matter of priority.
  • If, exceptionally, leave of absence or exemption is necessary to care for one or more children, please contact the Department of Human Resources Division.

Additional tips and information can also be found on the corona information pages about Schools and Kindergarten and  Homeoffice and working on site.

Further restrictions

All other University rules and restrictions already in force since November regarding meetings, discussions, appointment and application procedures, and business trips will remain in place for the time being until January 10, 2021.

Detailed information on all subject areas can be found on the CAU's Corona website. If you have any questions, please contact .

The new restrictions reach the university in a time when operations are shut down anyway due to the upcoming holidays and the turn of the year. The University's long-standing practice of closing between Christmas and New Year will additionally ensure that the impact of the lockdown does not affect the University and its members to the same extent as it did in spring. And yet, the current measures represent a significant burden at the end of this pandemic-ridden year that has presented us all with completely unknown challenges and has been draining our strength. Thank you for doing your part at the University and in your private lives to ensure that the measures lead to the desired goal, namely to sustainably reduce the number of infections and prevent further deaths. Special thanks also go to all those who, despite the holidays and the "company holidays" between Christmas and New Year, maintain operations at neuralgic points and in important processes and are reliably there!

We expect that in the first week of January it will be possible to assess whether the current lockdown will be maintained beyond January 10, 2021 and we will inform you as early as possible on what impact this may have on University operations.

Yours sincerely

Claudia Ricarda Meyer